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'What about the travel portal after the entry,' the supervisor wanted to know? "We can test that out at any time, Lord," replied the chief of the technical service. The highest board committee, Hosannah in the highest, "sat in the conference room. 'What is sensible,' asked the supervisor, 'how much time between impact and cleansing and the growth of the vegetation?'

'That depends on the angle of the sun at the moment' T ', said a guard who had been involved in planting and animal evolution since the beginning of time.' 'Ideally, we will clean up the populated area and leave it under water until the earth is cleansed. After that, the ice caps will grow again by the clouds that will not let sunlight pass. "

"What is the opening, the functional window in time," the head techno asked his assistant, who immediately pulled the keyboard toward him and started typing. "Between 120 and 150 days of water coverage," she replied, "the margin in days arises when the moment T is initiated.

'For the beauty of it all,' said the main planter again, 'if we start from the 150 days of covering the civilized areas, then after at least an extra 30 nature days, vegetation would have to be sufficient again to sustain life' 'Let's not take risks, " the supervisor," said, 'take the margin well, say double, 60 earth days. " The main planter looked around the circle and nodded, that seems like a good plan, it saves us a lot of work when life regenerates itself again. '


Ra's representative took the hammer and asked, "don't I hear another proposal?" It remained silent at the conference table. 'Hosanah 1,' and he looked around the circle, 'Hosanah 2 and Hosannah in the highest,' and with a bang the hammer came down and sealed the fate of the earthlings. "Hosannah in the highest," it sounded from all mouths.

'To summarize,' said the writer, 'If the mother ship initiates the time' T ', then the travel portal will open on dry lands at earth time, T + 210 days.' "That's correct," the supervisor agreed.

'Do you want to give the gate a copy and post it on T and 210 days,' the representative of Ra ordered? "Your wish is my Lord's command," the head techno replied respectfully and pulled the keyboard toward him.

The wall opposite the table became a screen that flicked on and in the picture came the wooden monster of Noah. The techno quard ran the cursor across the screen to the entrance and followed her lines, the shaded part now turning light blue. He added the intermediate passage and pressed on copy. Those present watched in silence, they did not want to disturb the concentration of the techno man.


Now he moved the cursor to the side of the screen and clicked, a framed and outlined box appeared. 'memory work field T + 210,' he typed in and he gave an enter. The cursor now flew back to the blue gate and his ghost appearance was dragged along to the work area. "Paste?" appeared above the field and the techno pressed enter.

"The travel portal has been stored, Lord," reported the technical service chief. "You only need to fill in T and the copy has been placed." The supervisor nodded in understanding, "then let us fill in T," he said solemnly, 'Hosannah, "and everyone repeated, 'Hosannah in the highest."

                                                           .- & -.

Noah heard the crackling first and looked at Japhet, then they turned at the same time from the beam where they were drilling holes and they saw the blue glow flicker around the gate opening of the ark. For a moment it seemed as if the gap was also very blue and then the blue became a hazy blue that seemed to separate itself from the opening and flew away at high speed and disappeared into nothingness.


Japhet sank down on his knees followed by his father, the first raindrops splashed on their heads, and the clouds drew in even more gloomy than in previous days. "Now you know what I've seen," Noah said softly as they beheld the blue glow in worship. "Dad," Japhet said, "look in the distance," and Noah followed the outstretched finger of his son. A seemingly endless line of animals appeared and Noah was overcome by an unspeakable fear. They walked two by two, the lion beside the lamb, and the wolf beside the rabbit, and slowly they walked, agonizingly slow, as if they were pulled forward by invisible threads.

"This is the time of the fulfillment," he knew, and he touched his forehead and waited on his knees for what would reveal itself.


San Daniel 2018

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