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It was early in the morning when Samaul left his house and the streets of the Atlantii were still deserted. The light mist drew up, "like smoke blowing over the land," he thought grimly, the time that such phrases had held a hold on him was forever behind him. It seemed an eternity ago that he had been a watcher, a son of Ra. He was an outcast and felt so, he knew that he and his people would be reviled in the ages of ages, in traditions he and his crowd would be pointed at, as the 'apostates.'

He had followed his heart and that had been the downfall of him and his followers, because your heart belonged to Ra or his representative. He had always thought that if you were to serve Ra above all that was sufficient and that others who crossed your path in the larger plan were secondary.

"What is the meaning of existence, if you can not find your way and come to decisions," Samaul thought as he continued on his way. "Then you are the smoke that disappears," he knew, "and he had followed his heart. If he would blow, he would have lived in any case. "

At the viewpoint he stopped for a moment and looked out over the smooth sea. The bridges that connected the islands sparkled in the rising sun and he felt satisfied. In this creation they were the carriers of the old order, they lived far above the tribes, who without any knowledge had to discover and develop everything.

A lineof verse came to him, a line from the guardian's past that had become ingrained by rehearsal, you had that with hymns to Ra:

                                beautiful sun for me arisen

                                show me your dawn

                                do not let a living power disturb you

                                waxing your wings, in strength

                                show me your power again ..



                               Ra drawing illuminated paths,

                                 over barren regions

                                  on his chariot of fire

                                  lightens, dries every hour ...

Roughly he pushed the lines of verse far from him. "What has been is no longer coming," he realized, "we are the kings of our fate and have to conform to it."

When they had come down and taken the women of the earth, they had known very well that they were interfering in creation. But the temptation had been so great that they could not resist it. "Moreover," Lucif had pleaded, "are we not the Elim, the sons of Ra, how shall Ra denote us," and all three hundred had gathered themselves behind the head guard. He had gazed at Lilith and had taken her out of her garden and she had laughed because she saw that a "Divine" had taken interest in her. She had been chosen by the man with the blue light and without looking back she had left Adam for what he was.


Atlantii, source of knowledge, inspiration for minstrels and scholars, was chosen by the Elim. Thus they had disappeared from the creation area and multiplied and lived surrounded by water in their world. "It had been difficult," Samaul mused, "but although the islands were a poor reflection of their old environment in the gloria," he was pleased.

The former inhabitants worshiped them and felt strongly that the gods lived among them and the children of the Elim, were numerous and powerful in sight and strength. They became the sons of honor and name that no one mocked.



"If your only tool is a hammer, you will only see nails," Samaul thought as he felt the warm sun rays grow in strength. "Unfortunately, we were the nails," was his next thought. 'The supervisor had tried to exterminate them, they were blocked in the travel portal, they would never again be able to enter the pillar of force, which was gyrating around its axis around the sun. Banned and if the time was right, they would be taken of.'

He came to the square where the gate of the travel portal was flickering in a light blue light, it only led to one destination, the final battlefield. "There it would be decided," he knew, "who has the glory and who will perish," if there was no other way, he would follow Lucif and put everything in to be the hammer that beat the nails with its strokes. "First grow as numerous as possible," he decided, "and then if there was no other way than through the gate to the battle of Gog and Magog."

He loved this life, 'it should go on like this forever', he thought as he heard the first sounds that suggested that Atlantii came to life. 'When is there no other way than the battle of Gog and the Magog,' he wondered, and he knew the answer, 'if they had been found, localized, the hammer would force them and would try to destroy them, what choice would you have? then? "

The stone in his pocket trembled, and he pulled it out and held it against his ear. Lilith's sweet voice reached him, 'your breakfast is ready, Sam, are you coming home?' His heart flourished, his Lilith, his sweet Lilith was waiting for him.

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'Maar Lilith was mooi en verleidelijk en haar natuur hartstochtelijker en vuriger dan welke vrouw ook die na haar geboren zou worden… En samen met Samaël, de aartsengel van de dood en meester van de gevallen engelen, vierde ze haar losbandigheid.'

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