The newest testament, according to the enlightened San Tronco part 102

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"About 9000 and some guards," José said, and he looked around. 'We will not even need the elections in the future.' "Nine thousand, that's more than our whole village," Pedro said the electricians in a voice that resonated with awe. We were on our umpteenth camel and the combination of these with the coca tea had made our table calm and we spoke through a mist with each other. "Then why are the elections no longer necessary," I asked after a sip of coca tea. "You heard Pedro anyway," laughed Celema, "more than the village will soon be a quard, the village is already ours." "then democracy does not represent anything anymore," Alejo thought.

José Celema looked up, 'the outside hamlets,' he said, 'they are doing it and their relatives, 32 hamlets and all are very satisfied with the Enoch and his good works.' "That's only logical," said Salvador, who brought a new round, "there have never been so many improvements in such a short time. You can forget that with the municipal workers. '

I understood that he was right, political parties can not stand up to religiously tinted movements. One is based on reason and political gain and the other on deep conviction and feeling.

'Yes, men,' laughed Celema, 'and we are still growing, soon we will transcend the 10,000 guards. The young men and girls come to us from all the hamlets, because something is happening here, your life gets content here, the Enoch does that to you. ' The number 10,000 sent a vague alarm, somewhere in my mind, something was wrong with that, but the drinks of the coca and the camels pushed it back into the background.

"Impressive," I just said and lifted my camel, "on the Enoch," and I touched my forehead, which was followed by everyone.


The 10,000 returned to my head, 'where do all those sleep,' I asked. "In tent camps," Celema replied, "it looks like military service from the past," he laughed, "San Tronco, our Enoch, has more hectares than anyone else." Do we still need Don Rumberto, "I just asked what to say. "Not for this batch," José laughed.

"Wait a minute," Alejo said, putting down his coca, "tent camps, military service, lights, what is this about," he looked like he had lost the thread for a while. Which was not strange, because the coca tea made you sharp but the camels were equally firm, the one balanced the other but not unlimited.

'It's not that difficult,' Salvador said, standing next to our table with a tray, '' it's just the number of the fulfillment and then you start again. ' "I do not understand that," Alejo muttered, and his hand went out to a coca again. "But then you're not a guard either," grinned Salvador, and he touched his forehead and disappeared. "That's right," Celema agreed, "we blame you, but you are not guards.'

Then the number came from far away, and I knew it again, "when the Enoch returns to its wings, with its tens of thousands," I had read on the Internet. Indeed a condition and a fulfillment. '

'What is being fulfilled José,' I asked as clearly as what and with a sharper tone in my voice than I would have liked. "The final battle, of course," he answered simply, "the smoke that's blown across the field." Then my cell phone rang, "Dad," my daughter's voice sounded, "are you going to be long, the food is almost done and you've been there long enough. . " It had been timeless at the table at the Shandy and I saw on my watch that I had been there for more than 3 hours.

"I am coming now," I said, "to the fulfillment "Gentlemen," I said as I touched my forehead, "it was a pleasure for me, and I got up and walked out the door.

San Daniel 2018

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