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"Time is running out," Noah said, "now that Methusalem has been taken in. He stood with his son and the shepherd at the spot where the fiery car had left the field.

The man had rushed into the tent camp like a madman, with wild eyes and only after he had drunk the necessary water and got his breath back, he said that he had seen a miracle and 'that they took people and that the fire was the chariot. He spoke incoherently about his words stumbling and Noah who had been called, looked at him intently. 'Quiet man,' he said, admonishing, 'please quiet down' He pointed to the pillows next to the tent, 'sit down, take a deep breath and tell me again what you have seen.'

Mariah, Noah's concubine came with a bowl of dates and put it down next to the stranger. He took a deep breath and began to tell with restrained impatience about the storm and the storm and roaring winds. How his sheep rose in all directions and he was waiting trembling on the ground for what was about to happen. "There was fire," he said, "and everything was red around the sky cart."


"I hear you and understand every word," Noah said, "but I do not understand what you're saying." "They took a man," said the shepherd with eyes that were frankly feverish. "A naked man," the shepherd corrected himself, "he took off his clothes, folded it up, and then walked to the shining glory. Sem looked at his brothers and his father, 'it's a strange story,' he said, 'and we have to build further. "He dragged one leg," said the shepherd, almost desperately, "and had a long beard flapping in the wind."

"Has anyone seen Grandpa Metusalem today," said Noah, who had sat up. "I saw him," Jafet reported, "he was walking out of the tent camp toward the high mountain."

They stood on the plateau next to the pile of clothes and recognized the belt and the wine bag of their grandfather. "Again, from the beginning,' Noah commanded and the shepherd told how he had come up the high plain with his sheep and how in the distance a man half raised his hand to greet him. "Then I was blown away," the man said, and when I got up, there was a heavenly car. "Where exactly was that," Noah wanted to know. The man walked to a place where the rocks in colors were melted together. Jafet felt grounded, "still warm," he reported.

"We know this," said Noah, "I will send men to bring your sheep together again, and we, we have our own problems. Time is running out, 'he continued, and he looked at his son,' they have been again and have taken Metusalem to spare him for the punishment of the blue men. ' The shepherd walked in the direction of a few sheep. 'Wait a minute,' said Noah, 'was the color red only or did you see blue?' "Only red Lord," said the shepherd. "You can go," said the builder of wooden stars, "go with God," and he bowed a little.


'Why blue father,' Jafet asked, from whom later a powerful people would come forth. "The men who came to me had a blue glow around them," his father explained, "and I did not say it, but recently blue sparks played around the opening of our building and I knew they were back and the stones spoke to me. "What did they say?" his son asked. "They said that I should not be afraid and that they were satisfied with our work," replied his father, "and also that the time of fulfillment was approaching," then I just heard "Hail and expect us."

"At least the weather will turn again," his son said, pointing to a distance where dark clouds began to gather. Noah sighed and picked up the pile of clothes, 'this remains, this is left behind, if the man has proved his service,' and with a heavy heart they walked back to the path that would lead from the mountain to the camp.


                                                           .- & -.

The techno guard of the new shift had taken place behind the console. "Adjust the angle a bit more," he said, looking up from his screen with great concentration, "I would say a degree or three on the Ra scale." He peered intently at the screen. "Stop," he ordered, and his assistant typed in some commands, "that's perfect."

He saw how the lens tilted to the sea and the water where the ray hit, began to boil and evaporate, and mist rose and gathered into clouds. 'We are T-1,' he said, 'for the great clean-up, that is about 6 earthly weeks.' He was content and switched to a new region, "putting lens two and three in position," he ordered, zooming in on the Atlantii.


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