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Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be successful?

I think we all want success. We all strive for success. But what does being successful even mean? An amazing job, a shining career? Getting very good points at school? Hearing “you have done well”? Gaining respect from others? Knowing others are proud of you?

During my entire school period, I always did my best and got decent results – my average was 75-80%. I still remember when I got 96% for maths. My teacher came to me and said: “You almost broke the school’s record! For the next exam, I expect more of you!”

It was always the same story. I got good result, but my teachers and my father always expected more. One year in secondary school, I got over 75% in all subjects, except for history in which I had around 60%. My father didn’t see my good points, he just said: “Why do you only have 60% for history?”

After each comment, I studied more. More and more. Until I could not handle it anymore.

Last year I was a difficult period. I had so many tasks, I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore. So, I decided to stop for a moment and think. I thought about the word “success”. The more I thought, the more the meaning of the word changed.

Earlier, I felt successful when someone was proud of me. But now, it’s changed.

Now, I feel successful when I can say “no” confidently to society. I noticed that it is not just about my teachers and my father. The whole society was expecting a lot from me. I had to study hard for school, have a student job, volunteer, do sports, go out with friends, visit family and much more.

Every time I doubt between doing something fun or studying at home, I ask myself this question: "What if you were dead tomorrow? Would you regret that you did not study? Or would you regret not having spent time with familiy? "I am not saying that we shouldn’t study at all, I am still studying, but it is important to find a balance.

As long as you do what you want and as long as what you do makes you happy, I think you are very successful in life. For me, being successful means:

being happy

doing what I love (like writing and reading)

enjoying little things

bringing positivity to the world

helping others

making time for people I love

making people smile

being myself

following my dreams

remind people how important it is to be/do good

And much more..

I think the word “success” means something different for everyone. I want you to think about your meaning today. What does it mean for you to be successful?

22/12/2017 10:26

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