The newest testament, according to the enlightened San Tronco part 95

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The screeching was right down hellish. The valley was filled with followers of Gog and Magog and the smell of blood hung in the air. The men tried to reach the hilltop with all their might, whoever had command of the high plateau, Armageddon, had the advantage of the battle. The travel portal flashed light blue and hordes of men came running through, to stop in surprise immediately to see where they had landed. That lasted only a split second because the demons cut down those that did not look after themselves.

The four horsemen in the air let their machines roar down and opened the machine gun fire. Upside down they dived over the running hordes to sow death and destruction. They sounded like a screeching trumpet, and they dived and dived, and then they disappeared as quickly as they had appeared and were a little bit later gone. The sonic bang of the sound barrier spread out over the battlefield and the four horsemen on their fiery horses had disappeared. "They're going to get fueled up," thought the archangel.

The sonic boom had distorted into a macabre drum blast. A white rider plane now appeared above the valley and pumped death and destruction from the opened gates. She hung motionless above the whole and decimated the side of the demons and the undead who had risen and then swayed away. 'White,' someone shouted with plain insanity in his eyes next to Gabriel, 'the Matreya has come.' The archangel stood with a naked sword over the fallen Raphael and beckoned the nearest men. "Quick," he called, "run him through the gate. The men dragged the fallen archangel and ran to the gate, but they were stopped in their tracks and plunged lifeless with arrows sticking out of their backs.

The last batch of 10,000 had emptied their guns, they now took the grenades they had on their belts and cast them to the devils whose heads burst open like ripe tomatoes. When they were gone, they knew it, their weapons were useless now and they tried to fight their diabolical assailants by using their guns as a club. The accursed souls climbed and ran over the dead to reach them and just tore off the heads of soldiers who were still trying to defend themselves.


The blue gate was flickering and a horde of rabble now came running out, with hayforks and clubs. 'Thanks you 13th century Enoch,' thought Gabriel, 'at least they have something like hand weapons with them. They ran into the mob of the demons without stopping, and plunged their hayforks deep into them, and they beat the brains out of all that did not look like them. They seemed to reduce the growing group of Gog quite succesfully, and the archangel was pleased to see how the bodies of the unholy were trampled under the feet of the peasants who pushed forward without repose.


When they had forced a breach, the unholy ones surrounded the peasants, the peasant's attack cries became screeching and wailing, and then those 10 000 were also exterminated. "We need to coordinate it better," Gabriel thought as he split a devil in two while retreating. His sword stuck for a while, and the second attacker he lasered into dust with his free hand. Now, with his broadsword, he hit the neck of a third unlucky Gogger just under his head.

The gate crackled and flickered and light blue light was thrown a few meters into the battlefield. "No," thought the heavenly commander, "it is becoming a mess, we have a mishmash in this deathfield of hypermodern warriors who evaporate everything that stands in their way, right to primitive feudals that do their best to exterminate the enemy. He saw the flashing of the laser beams' and, 'he thought,' that goes well until their energy pack is empty. Then they become slaughter cattle. " He saw how people with swords and some remaining farmers with hayforks and cleavers and 20 century soldiers fought their way forward, side by side. Meanwhile, the 25th century men emptied their laser weapons.


'It's about numbers,' he thought, a numerical problem, that's all that matters, otherwise there will never be an end to this battlefield.' The crackling increased, "No, not the cavalry," Gabriél groaned when he heard the trumpets, "even so, Napoleon now lacks 10 000 of his finest men." They came thundering through the gate, and they poured into the battle-force without restraint. Hussars with drawn sabers. They drove deep into the ranks of the unholy and then fell.

"It is not going well," thought the archangel, "we can not put a dent in a packet of butter, we are being killed just as quickly as we enter, a balance has arisen and that is already a sign on the wall, we need to win, again and again. "He pointed at some men, " Throw Rafael through  through the gate, "he ordered, and five men ran forward and did exactly that.


An alarm went off in the mothership and the dead archangel appeared slightly outside the travel portal. "Take him to the return bay," a techno guard barked, and a moment later the dead archangel was reincarnating.

San Daniel 2017


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