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Not many people had come to the service and the funeral of Michel was humble. The coffin was carried past the cauldron in the square where the guards were again stirring in the big pot and a small line of villagers was forming for their free 'food and drinks from De Enoch'. "Do not you see how that rotten drink affects people," Linda asked me. I looked and did not see anything that disturbed me. 'It makes them spirit dead but with sparkling wild eyes,' she continued. I saw that what she said was a good description. My fellow villagers had become docile as if every piece of free will had been replaced by a fanatical ideology, but they were not slow, they were more alert and hyperactive.

Now, on the shoulders of six guards, the coffin continued its way to the church doors where Ricardo the priest was already waiting. "This is the intercession of Amech," he said solemnly, "those who are laden with guilt and disease can not enter the house of the Enoch." I looked sideways at my daughter, 'do you know who Amech is, or fot that matter how you spell it,' I asked? "Never heard of it," she answered me in a muffled voice, "but we'll look for that later when we're home. It is or was someone who apparently prescribed the law about who could or could not enter Enoch's house. ' The priest touched the closed coffin with his staff, "sick by guilt," he said, "laden with punishment," and he touched the coffin again, "cursed forever," and he accompanied it with a final tap on the coffin.

The guard with the bongodrum came forward and sat cross-legged next to the remains of Michel. He began to beat a slow rhythm and a melancholy flute began to play and the girl who produced those notes came to sit next to him. 'This is absurd,' I said, 'they made him sick and charged him up with god knows what, Michel was a nice person until he met those Jute men."

"Dad," Linda asked softly, "have you looked up on the internet about indigo children?" "No," I replied, so much had happened that I had left it for a moment. " "These are them," Linda whispered, "the new wave of thought, just as the hippies brought about a revolution in authority and thought." I looked at her questioningly. 'New-age people,' she continued, there are people who claim that their auras are deep blue and that you can recognize them. ' "Thank you," I said, "I did not know that." Lin smiled at me, "read up on it," she advised me.

The man gave a final tap on his bongo and rose to his feet. The girl blew a last sharp note and then also got up. Ricardo came to the coffin and said to the six quards, "take him away, he is sick and bad to the bone," and he turned and touched his forehead, he raised his arm and spoke in a solemn tone. he, "Blessed are you all watchmen of the Enoch." Then he pulled his cloak around him and walked away.

The gathered villagers all walked away from the coffin and when I turned around, I just saw the coffin standing there in loneliness before being hoisted on the shoulders of the carriers.


"What a way to go," I said to no one in particular but more to myself. "Hey," my daughter said, "the doors of the Shandy are open," and I saw that such was the case and automatically and a little out of curiousity I walked over. A man in a jute shirt now stood in the doorway and beckoned us. It was someone I did not know, at least someone who was not from our village.

"I am Salvador," he said, "the guard of the bar." "What are you for the bar," I asked quite unfriendly, without wanting to. 'The new barman,' he laughed, 'just appointed, come in and down a camel with us.' I stepped past the fly curtain and saw Alejo standing in his old place and my friend Pedro and Celema standing beside him. "I'll see you at home later," my daughter said, "I'm not going in here anymore." I nodded and walked on, "buenas," I greeted those present, and they touched their foreheads, and I, I did the same. "

Before I knew it, I stood amongst my friends and drank the bitter tea with the camel after it. "Good today, normal tomorrow, I thought, without wanting it, I was trapped again in the actions of my friends and the village. "Let's have another one," Alejo said and he made a gesture with his index finger past our group and Salvador was already on his way with the steaming pot.

"I feel sorry for poor Michel," I said and I looked at my friends. "Why," Pedro asked, "he fell over and was dead, you have that with people that have a weak heart." I was stunned, 'he did not have that to my knowledge,' I said. "He could not stand the emotions," Alejo added, "all those people that were healed by the Enoch." "The priest himself says he was sick to the bone," Celema added.


I just could not believe this. 'Pay attention,' I said, 'this is like pushing people into the shit, pulling them out again and then say,' boy do you stink '. "I do not understand what you're saying," my friend José Celema said, while he took another quick bite. "You put a black cloak on someone," I said, "place him behind a screen and shower him with flaws and then find it strange that death downs him."

That did not happen, "said Celema," Michel was placed behind a screen because he had the black stone, and then you are placed outside the community, so he had to be shielded during the healings. "

After two more rounds, I began to understand that you could look at what was going on before your eyes in several ways. I felt confused and when I left the bar I touched my forehead and I was surprised that I had never noticed that Michel had been so sickly. I tasted the bitter aftertaste of the mate de coca and got into my car.

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