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The solar ship of Ra, the ship of millions of years, the pillar of strength, slowly revolved around its axis to create an artificial gravity. The supervisor came with a host of techno guards and walked to the conference table where the two emissaries were already waiting. They rose when the highest of the highest on the ship walked into the room. "Sit down again," the man who represented Jah Ra of the mother ship and commanded here in the vastness of an ancient solar system.

"Did I keep you waiting a long time," he asked friendly? "We have just returned," replied the eldest of the emissaries, who was still enveloped in a faint blue-light. "The pulsating blue would slowly decrease," the supervisor knew, "that was what the time tear did to you, they have just returned from their mission," he thought, and sat down.

"I'm listening," he said, "how did Noah react? The first emissary laughed and said, "positive," we had little trouble persuading him. " The second one added, 'we have shown him the place where the travel portal should come and marked it.' 'He was very impressed,' said the first one again, he trembled and shook and was all ears. ' The second chuckled, "it is not nothing if you are a sheep farmer and you first see that stones are fused to mark a spot and then that one of your sheep is converted into a heap of salt." "Why the latter," the supervisor asked.


"To make sure that the message would stick," said the first again, and the supervisor saw that his aura was pure blue in color. "There is nothing like visual education," the second one added, which now hardly emitted blue. 'We also had the blue holy spirit, the sacred sphere of knowledge, fill him with everything he needed for insights, knowledge and sizes to build the portal.' He thought for a moment about the old shepherd who had shrunk from dismay when the blue ball raged around him and then had fainted. "You can hear messages and you can read about them but seeing is believing and if you realize that you could have been that sheep or if it could have been one of your loved ones, then that will be decisive."

The supervisor did have a picture and he smiled to himself. "Can we zoom in on the progress of our ideas," asked the supervisor, "Certainly Lord," the chief techno answered and pointed to the wall with a remote control, which now became a window to the plain where a large wooden structure was rising. "More activity than I expected," said the representative of Jah Ra, "the work is progressing well, in what year of construction are we now, earth time?" "Numbers now rumbled around in the bottom as a runaway clock and then came to a standstill. "We are looking at the Lord's construction in the hundredth year," the techno guard answered.


"Right," said the Ra representative in the distance, "focus on the portal itself, on the passage, if you want." The wooden monster now came into view and filled the image in a flash. A large open hatch came into view and the techno said, 'that will be the portal, Lord'. 'Can you tell if a time-tear will stay,' asked the supervisor, 'just as a test.' "Your wish is my command, my lord," the chief techno simply said and reached for the keyboard and started typing commands. On the image a blue glow appeared around the entrance that disappeared immediately. "Coordinates and the atmosphere," the head techno mumbled. He typed in a few more commands and the glow now glided around the entrance and then disappeared.

"The portal is good," said the techno, but the supervisor had turned his attention to something else. An old man looked at the portal with dismay and then knelt and bowed his head to the floor and remained in that position, an attitude of respect and total surrender. "That will be Noah," said the supervisor, "he has again received a clear sign of encouragement.


                                                               .- & -.

Noah looked up with amazement from the wood he was planing, he had heard a loud crackling sound and thought he could just see a blue glow around the ship. He wondered if he had imagined it when the crackling grew louder and louder again, and he saw how the entrance was illuminated in deep blue. "They are here," was the only thing he could think of, and he knelt in humility. He bowed deeply and touched the cold stones with his head.

"Do not be afraid," it sounded now under his forehead and all the stones around him, "we are satisfied with your work, the time of fulfillment is approaching, be greeted and expect us." A click had sounded from the stones and Noah knew that what he had seen was real.

                                                               .- & -.

The supervisor clicked the microphone and placed it on the table. "Sometimes you have to encourage those poor buggers," he said. At that moment a loud crackling sounded but now off the screen. The head techno tapped on the keyboard and mumbled "just get the noise out" and he looked at the mini screen above his keyboard. "Lord," he said, "someone from the Armeggedon timeframe is trying to make contact, allow them or not." "Throw them in," said the supervisor, we are here now anyway."

A man who was badly battered appeared in the image, "Lord help us," he said, "the final battle is not going well. There are more evil than good ones and Raphael has been killed. " Quiet man, 'said the representative of Jah Ra,' we always win the final battle, every time, 'and he thought,' it's bad if even archangels die. ' The man looked confused from the image into the conference room, 'Lord, Lucifer gets the supremacy and Samoul and Lillith are at his side, Gabriel urgently asks for reinforcements.' "Tell Gabriel that it is being worked on, the Enoch is busy with his ten thousands. He made a gesture of cutting off with his hand to the head of techno and the screen became wall again.

"Gentlemen," said the supervisor, "will you prepare the spears of Ra so that we can float Noah's portal  if necessary, and will you send two emissaries to the Enoch to assist him in the final phase." He ended the meeting and walked out of the room.

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