The newest testament, according to the enlightened San Tronco part 82

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


Ricardo the priest was seated with crossed legs in front of the group who waited with great attention how the meeting would be closed. He put down his almost empty cup and listened happily to the symmetrical blows on chisels, reaching from outside. You heard the continuous rhythmic drum followed by the sound of steel on steel.

He knew that if you were to walk along the opening in the rocky wall and look inside, you would first see the line of girls holding torches up. Then the second row of girls with cups of the coca in their hands to give to the men who needed a swig of the bitter tea. The shadows of the men flickered on the rock wall in front of them, accompanied by the strokes of hammer on chisel. They could see the ultimate goal in the distance, a light blue shine that attracted them.

Ricardo was pleased it would not take long now for the work to be done and then he and the Enoch could take their place in oblivion again.

There was once again a group of "that had been formed." He made the speech gesture with his right hand, and with his left hand he touched his forehead. He saw that the rite worked well, everybody touched his forehead, just as automatically as people would cross themselves in church.

'Progress comes about where ideas collide,' the priest spoke. "Jah-Rah walked with the Enoch who he regarded as his alter ego and was angry that part of the creation was turning away from the planting plan. He told him that he would save only a handful of his people and that afterwards the creation would be restarted. " "Lord," said Enoch, in shock, "you won't destroy the creation, just because of the mistakes of Lilith and Samael, the Ra-son?"

Jah-Rah looked around himself and enjoyed his paradise garden before answering. "It's no longer just Samael and Lilith, there are at least 200 hundred Ra sons who are connected to Samael and impregnate terrestrial women, both in the mind, secretly, without the women noticing it but there are also guards who actually break with their Ra past and settle permanently with their earthly relatives. Those can and may never enter the mother ship again. You can not see such from the outside, or it must be very clear, we can't tell who is impure or not, we can't allow that.'



Ricardo took a sip from his cup and heard how the chisels driven by the hammers dug into  the mountain.

"Three days the Enoch and Jah-Ra walked through the garden of the Lord. Eventually they sat down next to a stream and Enoch sighed deeply. He had accepted that the creation would be cleaned up. "I am clean Lord," he said, "and I do not plead for myself, I would like you to know that my son, like my father, is clean and free from smudges or interference." "I know," said, Jah-Ra, "your father was Jared.

He was only 6 generations removed from Adam, the first person we placed here and he died when he was 847 years old and your son is Methuselah who will be taken to us soon. He is 969 years old and we will save him the destruction. I follow Adam's pure bloodline, and then the line of his son Seth right to your great grandson Noah. That's the pure line of Ra, which has become damaged. We got waylaid, "Jah-Ra continued," and our guardians are responsible for it and just the same we can not tolerate that. The creation is ours. "

Enoch knew that there was no other way and he was saddened by the destiny that the living creatures would encounter. Jah-Ra looked at the altar ego of his thoughts and smiled, "Noah will make a trip," he said, "he is a good carpenter and will build an ark as a travel portal, to our specifications. There the lower order creatures will pass through, the ones he chooses and we will save them. If we have enough species then we can easily mutate them back at a later time. Then only he and his loved ones will board the ark, they'll go on another journey, a real journey, the travel portal will by then be closed. They are going to take care of the repopulation. '

"I am hesitant to ask Lord," said Enoch, "but may I ask you how you'll clean the earth." "I have no secrets for you," said Jah-Ra, "I will wash the earth clean, but after your time and after the time of your son Methselah, he will be called to us by 7 days before the rains, Jah -Ra looked at his beautiful gardens again and realized that it would take a while before the order would be restored.


"It will never be the same again," he said, "I'll be gone for a while and then I'll come back and you know how time goes for me," and he laughed, very different from your time. But you will always you be present in the spirit until we can put you back and that will happen regularly as a beacon in the dark, a promise for those seeking. From the East, the light shines, always."

Ricardo looked around and took the last sip of bitter tea. "This has become food for many legends and myths," he said calmly, "but what I just told is part of a divine revelation, passed directly to the Enoch." He touched his forehead and raised his other hand. "From now on you are all guards, you now share our secret of the origin after the purification, love only the Enoch, the rest is vanity and the pursuit of lost images." He walked to the first man and embraced him, "Welcome Enoch's Guardian," he spoke, and he shared the emotion with those who heard him inadvertently. As a metronome, only the noise of steel forced on steel from the rock wall reached the priest's room and its guardians.

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