Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018

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Leeuwarden-Fryslân (Friesland) is European Capital of Culture in 2018, along with the capital Valetta on Malta. In de Friesian language is spoken about "Kulturele Haadsted 2018". After a very exciting fight are Maastricht and Eindhoven eventually dropped out, in favor of Leeuwarden (in Friesian language Ljouwert). At an earlier stage, the Hague and Utrecht were already fallen off. All candidate cities had to submit a bidbook in 2013 in which they indicated why they choose on their city had to fall. On september 6, 2013 a European jury unanimously chose for Leeuwarden (in partnership with Friesland) as cultural capital of Europe in 2018. Every year, one or more cities from different countries chosen as cultural capital of Europe and is an art event in that country in Europe.


Leeuwarden is sometimes called the most underrated city of Netherlands and that's right, because Leeuwarden has so much beauty to offer. For example, the historical inner city with all those beautiful canals, hundreds of beautiful monuments, the Prinsentuin (most beautiful marina or park of Netherlands), a lot of green, the Harmonie (one of the largest theatres in the country), it's own leaning Tower of Pisa (Oldehove), the WTC, high buildings, a varied range of shops and much, much more.


Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland, has a lot to offer as large bustling city. But think also once to the combination of city and country, that is, the beautiful rural character of the countryside of Friesland (Fryslân) and here is the cultural progamme by 2018 tuned on. The cultural programme of 2018 will city and country travel and entirely cultural Friesland show in it's full glory. There will be hundreds of large and small projects, events and performances to show up in whole Friesland. Friesland has a beautiful landscape. Experience a day of Leeuwarden and journey of the Wadden Sea to the Friese Wouden. There's something for everyone to enjoy during European capital 2018! The theme will be an open community (Iepen Mienskip). Additonaly, each of the eleven Friesian cities a specially designed fountain be revealed. This project is called Eleven Fountains. Here below you can see the image of the fountain children's heads for the Leeuwarden (station) will be revealed. Every city in Friesland gets it's own unique fountain.


Pressure one of the links below tot learn more about the complete programme of what there is to do in 2018 all during  European Capital 2018 Leeuwarden-Fryslân.




You are cordially invited to Friesland a visit, of the Wadden Sea to the Friesian Wouden, of Kameleon village Terherne (Terhorne) to Harlingen-haven (Harns) and van Dokkum to Appelscha (Appelskea). Leeuwarden will be taken over by French giant among others in 2018 (world famous French Street Theatre Royal de Luxe) and beautiful world famous Friesian horses. But there are also many other large and small crowd pullers on this beautiful province. The French Street Theatre Royal de Luxe works with huge mechanical puppets.



There are very many tourists from home and abroad expected that may or may not be a hotel stay will books and that is of course good for the regional economy. This beautiful province has so much to offer. You can also choose to stay with the boat to visit plenty of places to possibily to attent a performance. Many water sports enthusiasts have already discovered Friesland, because it is a very water-rich province. On the images below you will find an impression of what beautiful Leeuwarden and the rest of the province has in store for you.


















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