The newest testament, according to the enlightened San Tronco part 75

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San parked his bike in front of the Shandy bar and saw a large kettle standing in the square a few meters from town hall. The kind of boilingpot you'd see in children's books on some burning branches with cannibals dancing around it. Jutemen stood around it and stirred the bubbling drab. A crate of leaves was placed next to the witch's brew. 'Hungry or thirsty, here your free Enoch energy drink, " was written on a sign next to the men. San looked at his bike for a moment and then stepped into the Shand's. "Buenas," he greeted everyon in general and a little later he was at the bar. Alejo stood in his usual spot as if he had rooted there. "Funny, I thought," that people almost always choose the same places in a bar. "Hola San," he greeted me, "que"? "I'm going to irrigate some fields," I replied, "and I thought I'll have some coffee first." "Well done," Pedro the electrician said.

"Michel," I called to the kitchen, "where are you?" "Buenas," said the bartender who came walking out and touched his third eye. I answered the gesture automatically and with me  half the bar. "A cafe solo and a ponche," I said, looking around me. Everybody had a mug of tea in front of them. "Sorry, can't help you there," Michel replied, "there is no coffee or ponche." "Hey," I said, "how can you run a bar without coffee?" The bartender just stopped and looked at me and said, "I can only serve what I have." "And that is," I wanted to know. 'God's tea or Camel Wine, with every glass of Camel wine comes a cup of God's tea.' "Yes," Alejo butted in, "and you have to drink your tea first, otherwise they will not give you any wine."

"Do me a wine," I said, as I realized that everybody was having tea in the bar with a mug.



"There are tapa's I take it," I asked. "What would a bar be without tapa's," laughed Michel, "The usual, I suppose." "Yes," I said, "a tostada with tuna and tomato." "Coming," smiled the man and he put a cup of tea with a glass of wine down in front of me. " "Hey Michel," I called him back from his hallway to the kitchen, "there's a lot of stuff floating in my wine."

Michel kept my glass close to the light, "no," he said determined, "that's how that wine comes," and he disappeared to the kitchen. I showed my friends a leaf from my glass and Pedro pointed to his glass where all the small pieces of shreded leaves were on the bottom. "It comes as it comes," he muttered, then he simply gulped the wine down at once. "Michel," he shouted to the kitchen, "do me another camel." "In a minute," it sounded from the kitchen and indeed a little later he came out with a plate with my tostada. He put it down in front of me and wished me bon apetite and threw some leaves in a cup that he held under the water steam tap. Then he picked some shredded leaves from a bowl and sprinkled them out over a wineglass and then poured the wine.

"Your wine, sir" he said to Pedro, as he put the cup and the glass down. "Gracias," Pedro said while taking a sip of wine and then sampling the cup.

"I do not want to be difficult," I began, "but there's funny green stuff under my tuna." 'God's leaves of the Enoch,' grinned Michel. "Yes, what else would it be," said Alejo, "the Enoch is right fine with us, food and drink and it gives you a kick." I picked out the pieces of tuna and tomato from the tostada and had enough of it. "Cobra me," I commanded, "let me pay." "That's one wine and a tostada," said Michel, the tea and the garnish come free with the compliments of the Lord. " I put two euros on the bar and walked to the exit. There were now a lot of people around the boilingpot. I got on my bike and then a sultry feeling began to spread in my head.

All of the sudden I felt fit and I felt sharper than ever before and I laughed out loudly as I brought the ghost of the machine back to life.

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