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I stepped outside again through the side door and bowed to the Enoch in the distance and touched my third eye, a shiver ran over my back. My mother would have said, "Somebody's walking over your grave." What a nasty statement that was, and incomprehensible if you thought about it. If so you were in a grave, suggesting that you could lay in your grave as well as be present to hear a statement about someone who crossed your grave . "Duality," I thought, being present in two separate places. The row shuffled forward and I thought, "Maybe it's true, maybe the Enoch is present at once in different times." Then the row came to the square where the Enoch was sitting in front of the church and the queue wavered out. "Just like the smoke on the field," I thought.

I walked up to Celema next to Pedro, the electrician and Alejo. Michel the bartender came to join us and touched his forehead, which I answered. "Mustn't you be in the bar," Pedro asked? "If the Lord leads the service," he said, "who would be in the bar?" Alejo nodded, "our life is drifting past," he said, "of course you go to the Lord if you can choose."

"Is it me," Pedro asked, "or is everybody here talking nonsense." Celema had been observing us and joined in the conversation, "Oh, it's something new in the village. In time, something else will come along and everyone will forget the Enoch and his jute men following." Michel stared at Celema for a long time and then said, "If you put a flower in your ass, you can not call it a vase." This was being rude to the bone, Michel absolutely called a spade a spade, he gave people that criticised the Enoch a mental hiding. An old farmer standing next to me, looked up and then said, "Why would Celema put a flower up his ass?" "Yes," said Pedro, "I would like to know that as well."

I had to grin, the imagery had been conceived too literally by my friends. Michel looked at the old farmer and saw that he really didn't understand. "If someone is doing a good job," he explained, "or poses as a good person, he doesn't necesarily need to be good." The farmer looked at him and said, "yes and  so...?" "So," our philosophical bartender formulated, "a flower is beautiful, that can not be denied, and a picked flower should be put in a vase. If you were to plant it in some hairy arse, there would be very little left of its beauty. " "Yes," said the farmer who was a champion in short questions, "so?" "So," Michel began, "if people have opinions about the Enoch," then you should look closely at those people, whether they are good and have good opinions, such as the flower in the vase, or that they are not to be trusted and are flower asses. ' "Thank you," said the farmer. "It is clear to me, and he turned around and muttered to a friend," I'm going to tell my hired hand that he works a bit harder and that he pulls that flower out of his ass. "


"Right," said Celema to the barman after the farmer had disappeared, 'why are my words not a flower in a vase? " "Because you're seated backwards on a horse," Michel clarified, "you do not see what's coming, you only have opinions from ancient times, we are real," and he touched his forehead and Alejo and I followed him automatically in the gesture. "We are from the past and the future and you are in between." I had to hand it to José Celema, he remained amazingly calm, he listened to the bartender who had a subservient job in his life and now revealed truth after truth.

"Okay," said Celema, who had recuperated his dignity as a politician after having had his words compared to a flower in a hairy arse, "what was wrong with what I just said?"

"You said," Michel said, "Oh, it's something new in the village. In time there'll be something else that's new and everyone will forget the Enoch and his jute men following." He had repeated word for word, I thought that was pretty good.

"The Enoch is not new," said the bartender, "he is from thousands and thousands of years, and from now, he brings wisdom and spreads light and we are not just a following, everybody is potentially a guardian and if you do not feel the call then you will perish like a shriveled flower in loneliness. '

"Okay," said the politician called Celema, "I understand how you think about things, tell me how can I get to see that Enoch, I would like to have him represented in my party so his ideas can enrich us.' "José, José," smiled Michel, "long is the road for those who do not seek." "You will not come to the master than through the servant." I realized what I had long suspected, the bartender was the mouthpiece or one of the Enoch's mouthpieces. Celema was now at it, "believe you me, I am searching" he simply said. Michel looked at José's aura and said, "I'll pass your request to the Enoch," and he touched his forehead and walked away.


A loud click from the loudspeakers on the square betrayed that the sound system of the church was switched on. "Every 1st Monday of the month," Ricardo's voice sounded, "I will lead a sacrificial service here on behalf of the Lord," those who won't come will be known. Monday is the day of the Lord, after the service, a sacrificial party will be held in honor of the Enoch with free camel wine. " The clicks that followed made it clear that the installation was being switched off.

For some reason, it all sounded very pagan. Pedro was the first to say something. "I'll go for the free wine," he laughed, and now up to Shandy's to have a barecha and he watched us, "the first round is on me." "Bread and games," I thought, following him with Alejo and Celema in my wake.

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