Desperately Searching for Tati from Banjoemas

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Dear Indonesian friends

I write from Holland with the wish you could help me? Please like and share this note as much as you can, thank you so very much!

I am searching for some people who knew my father during the war of independence (1945-1950). He was an soldier and military nurse at Dutch side, but he had many friendships with de locals. My father worked in different hospitals in Java.


I'm specially searching for Tati.

Official name Elisabet Angkati Sri Soelekti.

She lived in a kampong in Banjoemas, Java


She was the oldest daughter. She had three sisters and two little brothers. Her father was a teacher when my father met them in 1947.

Back at those days my father was aged 21 and Tati was 17 years old.

My father was Dirk and he worked in the militairy hospital in Banjoemas in 1947. He became very good friends with Tati and her family.

I figured out they were lovers for quite a while ...


That's the reason I'm searching for Tati (or family who knew my father) so I can ask her about this relationship. I'm very curious.

I figured out Tati was born in 1930, so nowadays she would be a lady aged 85 / 86. It may be possible to find her alive, or find her brothers and sisters.

My father died 25 years ago, so he can't tell me about Tati and their friendship. So I would be really thankfull if I could speak to Tati about their past back in 1947.


Please will you help me find her?

Repost this post at any social media you can find, so we can reach as much people as we possibly can. Somebody must know her or her family ..


You can reach me by email:




Thank you so much for helping me!


© SanneSchrijft 2017

(pictures made by Dirk - 1947)

(pictures coloured by Theo Dorus Oudbier - 2016)

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21/09/2017 17:52

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