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The desert was a savage plain with the occasional hill or rock formation, ravines with beds of dried rivers. Here you encountered all the critters, the scorpions, the snakes, the desert rats. The image resounded old westerns where actors on horses chased after a stagecoach. That image must have registered by several people, because that was exactly what happened. Almost all Westerns had been shot here. The big producers had realized that it was far cheaper to put down a movie set in the Almeria desert than to shoot their story in America. The first spaghetti Westerns which became a box succes was "the good, the bad and the ugly" with the ghostly haunting music of Sergio Leone. The cost of shooting that film was minimal and made Clint Eastwood into a superstar.

We passed the first set, it was 'Fort Bravo'. It had become a landmark. A kind of Spanish Western Disneyland on a small scale. Visitors could dress up in costumes and walk around in them, or have their picture taken. The largest set, a complete wooden village, with a Tee-pee camp was 'Mini Hollywood.' They had a saloon and cancan girls throwing their legs up in the air in a wild dance. Every hour there was a show or in the saloon where the day-people took a refreshment or a shootout  in the square with her water and feeding troughs for the horses.

I had taken my nephew of 6 there on a sunny day. I had prepared a backpack with sandwiches and a yogurt for Dion and we walked through the gates that gave access from the parking lot.

We walked into the Wild West only a few meters from the entrance, and we were instantly stopped by a pretty assistant from a photographer who placed a Winchester rifle in my hands and gave my nephew a heavy colt. "Look angry now," she advised us, while her friend shot a lot of pictures. "At the exit you can see and buy them later," laughed at the girl and walked again to the next possible customers. "Gosh Dion," I said when I read the program and consulted my watch, "there will be a Western show with a sheriff and a pair of bandits with a shootout and all."

"We'll see that," decided my nephew and he gave me a hand because he was  a bit scared of bandits. We had to bridge 15 minutes, which is a long time for a litlle guy. A set of long benches had been placed on the porch opposite the saloon and we sat down. In order to raise the tension a bit, an Indian-dressed figure on a horse would occasionally ride through the main street, rising dust clouds. "Look Dion," I said, and I pretended to be thrilled while pointing out the figure, "I think it's about to start." "That was not an Indian," Dion said. "He didn't have enough feathers." "No, it was not a chief," I admitted, "but there are also Indians with 1 feather or no feathers at all."

A man with a vest and a full moustache now walked past the benches, his boots had spurs and where he walked, the dust flew up a bit. His sheriff's star bungled on his chest and sparkled in the bright sun. "Hey," I said to distract my nephew, "who would that be?" My cousin looked at the sad looking man with the drooping moustache and studied him. "That," he said slowly, "is a bandit, everyone can see that." "Why did you think so," I asked. "He has a mean face," said my nephew, and I saw that he was right, the man carried an angry facial expression, and I realized that we were looking too much for symbolism, a sheriff's star does not make someone noble.


The sheriff with the mean face had just passed when a couple of cowboys came racing on, they jumped from their horses and ran to the troughs. Meanwhile, they pulled their colts and started shooting at the sheriff. He ran to the well and took cover. The door of the sheriff's office was opened and an assistant sheriff started shooting at the men. A third thug was now approaching the assistant sheriff from behind, as  in old days with puppeteers, the children began to scream and point now. But the helper was deaf to all the well meant advice and was shot dead. From a veranda on the second floor, a third deputy sheriff had come out with a gun and started shooting. He got a 'deadly' hit and fell from the veranda into some bales of hay.

"All in all," I thought, "what a show of spectacles there is no end to it," of course there was, and the last bandit swung by the neck from the gallows and the people started applauding, The 'good' had won and that every hour, the whole day long. I did not envy the actors, the heat did not work in their favor.

"Gosh Dion," I said, "that was just beautiful, don't you think, would you fancy your yogurt?" "No," Dion replied, "I'd much rather have a drinky," and so the uncle ended up with his nephew in the saloon. There was only a table free just in front of the stage. A girl came to take the order. I ordered a beer and Dion ordered a coke with great self-confidence. We just started sipping our drinks when the cancan show revealed the dancing girls. A row of young dancers with feathers on their heads came up on stage. Someone called out, "Yahoe," he had been hired, I thought, to make it more authentic.


The girls now joined arms and went into a wild dance the legs too far above their heads. Dion sat there watching it all with an open mouth. "They wear red knickers," he said finally. He turned around and took a sip through his straw. "I don't think we should speak about this," my cousin said with great wisdom for his years. " "What Dion," I asked fearing the answer? "About the coke," he answered, 'mum never lets me have it' and I realized how innocent the child's soul was.

"I've been there with my nephew," I said to Oreja, "he loved it." Children always think that  cowboys and indians are great, "said Oreja, and I realized that the car park was full again with cars. They were all being photographed with a colt or a Winchester in hand, I realized.

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