The newest testament, according to the enlightened San Tronco part 52

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Outside, I walked into Celema and he touched his forehead between his eyebrows. That shocked me! "Joke, dopey," laughed José, who had a special sense of humor, "all those Jute men do that when they meet a friend." I laughed like a farmer suffering from a toothache. "Do you know Celema," I said, "have you noticed that Arabs also touch their foreheads when they greet each other? They shake each other's left hand touch their hearts, their lips and then their foreheads. " Celema looked at me, "No, I did not know it, does that matter?" "Just like the Jute men," I explained.

"You," said Celema, "you need a ponche and a cafe solo, and for me, I'm having a barecha, and he took me to the bar across the street, the" Casino " bar. "Okay," I said, "that seems to be a good suggestion." And a little later we sat at a table overlooking the square.

"What were you just saying about the Arabs, the Moros," asked my barecha loving friend. 'They shake each other's left hand and then touch their hearts to indicate that there is no bad feeling toward the other, and then the lips to indicate that they do not speak evil about those they greet and at last they tap their forehead and that means they will not bear bad thoughts about the greeted person.' "That's nice," said José, "we only tap our forehead if we think someone is crazy."

He turned around when he saw Joachina passing through the crowd with a tray. "A ponche and a solo," he cried, "and for me." "A barecha," the girl filled in smiling.

"Right," Celema picked up the thread again, "and that's from the country of Moros, who had expected that, there's usually only misery there , it's monkeys land." "It's about touching the forehead," I said, "just like the jutemen." "These are not Arabs," smiled Celema, "they are like us, normal, well quite normal." How did Andalusian people discriminate, without realizing it, I thought, but then they had been dominated by the 'Moros' for 700 years, then your perspective changes. "Celema, Celema," I said quasi punitive, "in my country you have problems with such statements."

"Come on," my friend said as he took his barecha from the girl and handed me my coffee and ponche, "a country has a long memory," you have had some trouble with the Germans, everybody knows that, now what do you call our fellow Europeans in your own circle? " "Hmm swine," I replied, and I realized that a country indeed has a long memory because the war was  72 years behind us and most of us had not even experienced it. " "It is more about, the gesture coming from the East, and they listen to music in quarter notes, which is Oriental in essence and I go beserk because of their constant drumming."


"Easy San, take it easy," advised José, take a sip and do away with all that jute man stuff. " I was not registering that was clear, just when I wanted to say I found it very important, Paco from the townhall joined us. "Hola," he said, "the other tables are occupied and I just have a short break." "Sit down, José invited him and I asked," how are the entries going? " "Don't even go there," said the clerk with a dark look, "there are even more now that have come in, we have just finished the 700th inscription."

"Look Celema," I said, "and I raised my finger, Paco has registered 700 jute men and more come in daily. They all have voting rights. That means outside of the ordinary voters, and Paco said that there were some 2300 of the regular voters, isn't that right, "I asked of Paco, who nodded for confirmation," there are now 3,000 voters with almost a third as a jute man.' That came down as a bomb.

Dead silence reigned for a moment and then I went on to say, 'that if another 700 jute men would be enrolled in our village next week, we would have 3700 people who could vote of whom 1400 would be jute men. At this moment in time, nothing is the matter, but the balance is shifting. If we suppose the growth continues in the same way for another week, then there will be 4400 elegible voters, of which 2100 are the jute. Within a few months time, it won't make a difference what we  vote, because the Jutes will alway have the majority and can do anything they want."

"Good God," cried Celema, "can you not stop that Paco?" "No," answered the downcast official, "they are grown ups and if they settle in our community they have a right to vote here." He called the waitress, "another round," he said. "That's not the solution," I said.

"What's the solution," José asked? I stared at him, "There is no solution," I answered.

San Daniel 2017

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