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The next day I went to the airport. My daughter had to work in Wet Dog the next day. I did not envy her, the life that had stood still here for generations would be left behind when you arrived at Schiphol. Within a few days, everything would be just a memory, that was, if you had the time to think about the days behind you. By the time you came home from work you would be tired and you would have no energy left. That is what Wet Dog does to you. It's a sponge that sucks you dry and consumes your energy and fills you with nonsense until you drop dead. The food is preprocessed, the microwave waits patiently, the friends are not real friends, but people who use each other to leave behind the hard reality and you only have time for your friends in the weekend.

Artificial happiness, with as a distraction, a soap on television that would offer you a small piece of new development daily. Later in the evening, if you were still awake, you had the talk shows where nitty gritty discussions were elevated to intellectual opinions. Or you could see a bunch of so called celebreties prance about in their bare arses in 'Adam searches for Eva'. Of course, that brings us to higher plain of thought, now doesn't it? It is just the satisfaction of sensationalism. Well, you know, that is if you have time or energy to reflect on what Wet Dog offers. You live an empy life provided with sensational discussions topics for the next day at work. You surrender your personality as an individual and you must have seen the nonsense programs because that will be the next day conversation during the coffeebreak.

At Machael we drove into the mountains, the mountain road would lead 80 km through a beautiful unspoilt area. Here was the only recognized desert of Europe. Here you should not break down, because your cellphone did not have reach here. Then the mountain road at 1200m altitude would drop suddenly, when you had left the mountain passes behind you, to almost sea level and that's where the airport was, Almeria capital.


"It was fun," Linda said, "I always enjoy being here with you." I smiled at her, "I think it's a luxury gift when you come," I replied. I missed her already, and realized I was already taking leave. "You can not go away fast enough," I said, it was an old joke with a core of truth to it. "The sooner you'll be back." I'll be back soon, "promised my dear Linda, and I realized that only 2 hours of flying would place her in a world of stress. "Please do," I said, and I stopped at Tahal for a cup of black, dark black coffee.

Like so many establishments, this old inn was at a crossroads, where the traffic from Escuda crossed the traffic from Machael. In addition, they benefited from the traffic in the opposite direction, those who came from Taberna or Almeria on their way to Machael. Here, just like in my village, the men gathered for a cup of coffee and a stiff drink and commented on events that often coincided with politics or football.

"Buenas," I said to the girl behind the bar, "dos cafes solo, porfa," and I laid down two euros. Since the introduction of the euro everything had become more expensive, the coffee had been only half the price before the introduction of the euro, "one was being had," I realized.

"I can still remember when coffee was half the price, and that went for a beer, wine or a meal as well," I said just to bridge the time that the cups were under the hissing machine. " The girl nodded, "everything is getting more expensive and that will only get worse." I listened and watched how the fresh coffee splattered into the cups. "If your bar goes well, then the lease goes up," she said, waiting patiently, "and if you do not want to pay the increase anymore, there's always someone waiting to take over your bar." That's how things go, I had seen it before.


Here it is not too bad, "I just said to keep the conversation going, but I was in Madrid and they charged me 3 euros and 80 cents for the coffee. "Hey," I had said, "I do not want to buy joint, I just want a cafe solo." "It's the location," the bartender had answered, "we are smack in the center and then the lease price is higher per square meter, if you're outside on the terrace, I have to charge you 4 euros because someone has to pick up the cup, you know that sort of thing "And he had shrugged his shoulders. The coffee was nice and the man had asked me if I had wanted another cup? "No," I said laughingly, "I'm from Andalucia, I can not pay that." I did not plan to pay 7 euros 60 for two cafes solo, a few ground coffee beans and a bunch of hot water.

"That might change," said the girl, "here as well," and she pointed at the TV that repeated the news every hour until ten o'clock when it would make place for background programs. "Something new has come up," I asked, "corruption?"

"No," she said, "everything is early this year, bizarre early, the weather is changing, it has frozen in many parts of Africa and in most of Brazil's provinces." "Hey," Linda said when I had translated it, "that is weird." "Yes" I agreed, "if only the scholars would agree on what causes climatic change, we might be able to adjust it. But it's strange. "

Then it hit me like a bomb, "in Brazil you said," I asked? "Yes and in Angola in Africa," repeated the girl. "That will boost the price of tea and coffee," sighed the girl who put the cups down and wiped the two euros into her hand, "and we also want to earn a bit on top of that." I could have known things did not happen without reason and I thought back to Richie in the bank with his commodity shares. "That's serious," I thought. "If the harvest is frozen in the bud, it will take years to recover." Grapes need 3 years to get a first fruit formation and coffee plants 4 years, the first I knew from my own experience and the second I had heard from my grandfather who had managed coffee plantations in Java.


"Good God," I said, when it sank in completely, "that will create a huge scarcity on the market, and people will continue to drink tea and coffee, but at different prices, for those who want to pay, there is always enough."

I felt something tugging my pants and I felt a sniffing at my leg and I forgot the frozen harvests. I was expecting to see a dog when I looked down but was surprised, stupidly surprised that a piglet was sniffing my leg.

"Hey," I cried out, "un cerdito," and that is what it was, a piglet. "Only here," laughed my daughter, "something like this is possible, it is unthinkable in Amsterdam." "Oh, oh," said the girl, "Babe is our little piglet, he shouldn't come out of the kitchen," and she walked around the bar and grabbed him by his collar and dragged him back to the kitchen.

"In Wet Dog, the inspection would close this bar immediately," I said. "Well you know it has something to it," Linda said. "Aside of that, you're always going to see swine in a bar, this is a real pig, that's all."

A little later we sat back in my old jalopy and set in the long descent to the coast. We did not have to enter the capital but turned off 10 kilometers before Almeria and a little later we were in the departure hall of our provincial airport. "Safe journey," I said, holding her a minute and placing a kiss on her forehead. "I'll miss you," said my darling. "I'll miss you too," I said, "come back soon." And there she walked through the gates and she turned around for a moment and blew me a kiss. I touched my heart and waved back with a heavy mind. Then she disappeared in the crowd and I turned around with a weeping heart.

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