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The TV was on at full blast in the hotel when we entered. It was always like that in Andalucia and it had taken a while for San to accept that it was seen as a "cozy" background noise. At the bar there were some men talking, who very clearly were only passing time. "That's where we are going," said Celema and approached the group. "This gentlemen, is San," he said, "he is an adopted son of our village. Un hijo del pueblo. Some started grinning "He is more Andalus than all of us together." Hands were shaken and names were said. "He is a vintner and a writer," continued Celema and his books are even read in our village. " "That's special," said a well-dressed young man. I looked at him and saw that he had the attention of everyone at once. "What's so special about that," I asked, "that I am a vintner, or that people in our village can read?"

"The combination is special," said the man, "and my father, the Don, will certainly think so as well." There were heads that nodded in agreement  and a supportive mumbling. "It does not matter what Rumberto's son says," I realized, "he'll always be right in his home grounds."

"I was invited by your father," I replied, "I should like to greet him." "You'll see him presently at the table, he is giving some instructions to the kitchen," said the man who suddenly came across as terribly arrogant as turned around and tapped his ring on his glass while talking, which made a girl run up to him with a bottle in hand.

 "Come on," said José Celema, "we'll take a drink for the time being," and he took me to the long bar. "Look," he said, "pay attention, it is not difficult, we are not the equals of the father or the son, so do me a favor and do not argue with these people as it will reflect on me." "I nodded and ordered a vino del pais," the father, the son, only the holy spirit is missing, "I said, speaking out the usual toast." Salud y fuerza a canut. ' "All of us here are the holy spirit," said Celema in serious tone, "at least to Don Rumberto, he needs us, otherwise he would be a lonely man, we are the people of good will, we are the doorway to his outside world. '


"Gentlemen," said the gerant who came to our group, "the Don invites you to his table." At the head of a long stretched table a man was seated who was dressed to a T but not overdone like his son. He made a gesture with his right hand along the empty seats and I went to sit next to Celema. "What a wonderful morning," I thought. "Linda would have liked this," but first of all she was at the market and secondly, this was a typical Andalusian affair, only men and no women. It would also have affected the men's conversations, women have that effect on the male mind.

 A cook came to the table, and he bowed to Rumberto, and positioned himself behind the Don with some assistants and a large paella pan was placed on a tripod. Whenever the old man looked up, a girl came hurrying to his side with a bottle of Gardhu and she poured a glass of whiskey for the man who began to show more and more a resemblance, "with young Mr. Grace" from the former series, "are you being Served.' "Welcome," said Rumberto, "it's nice to see you all again. It's good if friends join in to share a meal. " An appreciative murmuring answered him. He took a sip from his glass which he played around with pleasure in his mouth. "Please continue your conversations," he requested and he raised his glass and said Salud and the rest filled in: fuerza a canut.'

"The Don is happy to listen," explained Celema and he continued, "he also wants to see what is being cooked and how it is cooked, hence the arrangement." I felt like I was in a Topchef program. Men stirring in a pan full of zeal and with extreme concentration, with only eyes for what they were preparing.

The conversations started again and a moment later there was a hustle bustle that was mainly about harvesting, politics and sports. Rumberto looked up and the girl immediately came running with the bottle and topped his glass up. El Manda  a todos, "Celema said softly, and it seemed like that, the old boy called all the shots.

After the soup, it fell silent, it was clear the Don wanted to say something. "You," he said kindly, "are the new face, you've come with Celema." Just tell me about, not about your work or things we all experience but tell me why you're here in my country."


The eyes became focused on me and the last discussions at the other end of the table fell silent.

"It may be clear," I said, "I'm not from this village, not even from Andalucia, I'm from the Netherlands." "Cruyff's land," I heard someone say. "I've lived here for a long time," I continued, "and am happy about it, I feel Andalus, not by birth but with my heart. My heart is Andalusian. I did not always realize that, but even before I came here my heart was Andalusian, I recognized the region of my feelings and left my former life behind me. I still love my homeland but if I visit that, I miss the mountains, the male friendships, the authenticity of man. I miss the purity of the sky, the traditions that you follow here, but which in my former country are only followed by a few. I miss the herds with only a shepherd crossing the road looking for the odd blade of grass. I've become a mountain man, like you all here."

"I do not have the past memories you share, because my youth was very different, far from here." But I feel to be one of you, I'm proud of my friends who are honorable and work hard for the bread they put on the table. Who do not need a lawyer, or a notary to trade a piece of land. Where a handshake is a contract that can not be broken. I was watched with attention and the Don's son smiled as if he were seeing his life pass by in memories.

"I was invited by Celema because he could bring a guest, and here I am surrounded by old friendships, and I am grateful for that. I make my own wine and work and try to make improvements in the village and therefore my friend Celema and I will start our own political party. "

"Have you brought any wine," asked Rumberto's son with a smile? "No," I replied, "I did not," and thus the moment of enchantment was broken.

"Then we'll have that next time," said the Don, and he raised the glass, "to friendships, because those are the most important in life." "Salud," everyone shouted. "And you," he said, and he looked at me, " you understand life" and I saw that the mask had fallen off, Rumberto had nothing more of the young Mr. Grace of are you being served. He had a particularly sharp look and he had weighted me.


The television fell silent for a moment and then a voice announced the fall of the first prize of the Once in Andalucia. "Phew, someone said next to me," somebody has a nice day today. "

The Don smiled like a good father overlookin ghis family and snapped his fingers. The cook looked up with utmost attention. "Man from the pans," said the old man, "let the food be served."

San Daniel 2017

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