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It is much easier nowadays to engage in a friendship. I meant we have this Facebook, yes again the completely social media world out there. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, even through what's app you can start a friendship.

What are you looking for, what kind of friendships do you have in mind? How do you start a friendship? What I'm writing now it's my experience, I've been judge by a group of people that I do not know of, base on what they THINK of me. Lately I come to learned about it out of an info I got from a barista at this famous coffeehouse, she told me a week ago when I order my Hazelnut Macchiato. I knew there are a few men and women they always sit in the corner table and drinking their coffee, looking at people. I knew that, and always ignore them.

Sadly, people think to know someone by just knowing you through social media. But in my case, people judging me through my looks. True I never smile, correction I am seldom smiling, and some will judge me on that as unapproachable, unfriendly, negative, and that I am aloof. They look at me, and they started to scream about how aloof and intimidating I am.

So why I do not smile, maybe this question submerges in your head. I do smile, but not because you wanted me to smile. A smile it has to come out from your heart, not on command. Not because people thinks it looks good on me to smile. Remember how mothers always do that to little children, to their toddlers? They would order them how to sit, sit nicely and while they took their picture, they always say: 'SMILE'. Yeah you wish! And we still doing it each time we make a group picture or not, but we still do this ordering others to give a stupid cheesy smile by saying: cheese! Oh please, stop that already! Too many things are on demand nowadays, well shove up your demands so far as your....

Why do people tend to judge others by how they look? Why not give some one the benefit of the doubt, and start to get to know that person in an honest way.


Yes, I am using that phrase, 'in an honest way'. It means, get to know someone on one on one, not by hear say, not from a distance in watching someone, how they walked by and how they dress and with that you're ready with your judgment on how that person's really is. You sit there in the corner of the Coffeehouse or train station or bookstore and you make up your mind up without giving that other person the chance to show you how he/she really is. You put them in a box, ah, she belongs to that box because she is unfriendly, and he belongs to that box because he is a stuck up man. How do you know that exactly?  How do you come to that conclusion? Have we met? If this is your way of trying to make friends?

That is a cowardice way. When you wanted to make friends, then stop judging that person and instead show yourself what and who you really are.

Why I am writing this? I had enough of pointing fingers and gossiping about me. The truth is none of them really knows about me. Who am I, what I like what I dislike, what I loath and what I want out of life. They see me everyday as I walking to the office, and when I stop by to have my coffee.

I could ignore them, and yes, I have been ignoring them all together. They are not worth of my time or even my friendship. If one ready and eager to judge me without even giving me the chance to show them who am I, that person is not worthy of my time.

So why even bother to write this down? I hope we all learn from this. Do not be an expert about me, don't study me you wont graduate because you do not know me. I wont do that to you. Live your life, make friends, and be reasonable. Stop judging, if I want to be judge and you wanted to play judge well I will see you in court. 

Well I get that out of my chest! It feels good. I'm a whole new woman!

What's next?



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