Jealous? Or Not?

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LET’S talk about what it means to be jealous. Have you ever found it hard to like a person because others said that he is good, handsome,  smart, beautiful, slender, have good job or successful? - Well, that is what can happen when you are jealous of someone.

They even say a jealous women will do a better research than the FBI. It is funny to read it, but is it true though to say that women and because you are one of the women folks automatically you are a jealous person? And I said NO.

I am not a jealous person. Right, you may laugh or roll your eyes and said..yeah right every women have a green monster in them. True, women had the tendency to act unreasonable when they don't like someone, because in their eyes the other person have something more than she is. And it is common to believe that between women, when the other is more beautiful, she's slender, drop dead grogeous and on top of it, she have a good job, good salary, all and all it seems that she's successful that they would get jealous, or dislike or even hate the person. Agree?

That is what we sees, and that is also what men sees (also lurking at her tits and ass). That is all on the surface. Dig deeper into that, what might you find? Maybe she's an workaholic, unsuccessful in relationship, because she focus on work and not in relationship, or she has a bad temper. Or she could also be a shy person, a bookworm, never have any relationship, and lack of confidence. When we dig deeper into a person in how she/he is, you might just be surprise and you will see that there is nothing to be jealous about.

Back to what I said before, the fact that I am not jealous. I've learned from my grandmother not to be jealous. Her reason is this; I know my own quality, capability, talents, and all the things that makes me ME! The good, the bad and also the ugly stuff of me it's what's makes me just me. As about others, I don't know them. So why must I be jealous of other women that I do not know of? What about the women you do know, are you jealous of them? That questions may pop up in your head, right?

Well, again NO. Yes I know them, and I know their character traits and yet they are not me. If my partner (I don't have it anymore) thinks that he is in better life with the woman I don't know or I do know, and the fact that he is willingly to cheat on me for that; why on earth I must be jealous of her? The fact that he cheat it shows how unworthy he was. He is not worthy of my love, my attention, my care, my time and my energy. Someone that claimed to love me, would actually appreciate all about me and would love me and accept me no matter what. As I do the same to him.

Cheating is so cowardice, a real man or a real woman, would talk to his/her partner when there are something in their relationships that they need to solve. If you don't talk to your partner, instead you talk to others which then you build up a bond, emotionally; from this point it is so easy to take the next step to have an intimate (sexual) relationship. Cheating is not only have sex with someone. When you have a regularly contact with someone and you both share every thought about life, about your work, about your feelings, what you're thinking, what's in your heart and you share this to that person instead of your partner, you're already cheating, because emotionally you are attracted to her/him. The next step is to have sex, that is just one small step. Emotional bond is more stronger, the sex is just a confirmation about what you feel for each other (right this is another subject that I would write one of these days).

Back to why am I not jealous of other women, I would never compare my self. Never compare yourself with others...that is what I believe and I never done that. Why? Because
it is the most violence act that you can do to yourself and we tend to do so when we feel that we are not good enough. Be kind for yourself by accepting your limitation, accepting it doesn't mean that you are weak or less than anyone else! Accepting it only makes you strong, full of confidence. 

Jealousy, it means you are insecure. I am not jealous, I have a reason for that, and this why; I know who I am, I am sure of where I stand, in what I do, in the things I believe in, I have knowledge of my capacity, my capability, my quality. I even know my dark side and I recognise them and accept them. I'm proud of all of me. Try to accept yourself more, do not compare yourself with her or him. Who knows maybe just maybe they are jealous of you.

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