Alternative Facts, What To Believe.

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"To tell the truth it's really such a sad affair" Once Leo Sayer sing in his song 'Orchard Road'. Why? Why should telling the truth a sad thing? And once the Bible told us, 'The truth will set you free'. Well, what must we believe?

Nowadays telling a lie is something that everybody do. Everyone have their own reason why. Others might say, if it's a white lie it's ok. Why is it alright? Only because of the word 'white' that make it alright, and that we all would accepted easily? 

A politician would lie to get what he wanted, more vote, more power, more creditability, he would name this as 'white lie'. 

Why when this white lie has been exposed, we the one that people lied to, do not accepted it? Why we make such a problem of a white lie? It shouldn't be a problem because it's a white lie. The intention of it is good, not to hurt someone, or disappoint someone. A lie is a lie, no matter how you want to cover them and make it as if it came out of good intention.

If your intention are good, you shouldn't lie. If you are afraid to hurt the one you love, you should hurt them in the first place. Think before you make that decision. 

No matter how you want to justify the reason, it is a lie. A lie is a lie, no matter how you put color to it, white, black, blue. It is still a lie, or what nowadays more likely be named, alternative facts. Another new words to learn. I have to laugh when I search the meaning of alternative facts, it says: " When someone, specifically the leaders of the United States, tell a flat out lie to convince their supporters of how great they are, but don't want to admit that they are actually total fuck up and have no idea what they are doing."

Well it isn't necessary a President that telling alternative facts. We all could do that. When you try to cover up something that you knew it is wrong from the start. In every relationship, whether in politics, friendship, romantic relationship, communication is the artery to make that relationship goes strong and alive. When someone need to lie or to tell other version than the truth to cover up your fault, then you clot up the artery. In human body when there is a blood clot, it will goes to cardiac arrest, or lung embulism. The result would be a catastrophal. Either they help you in time, or you died.

So why lie? Is it not better to tell the truth and be done with it? Back to the song of Leo Sayer, to tell the truth it is a sad affair. It is sad because you hurt someone by it, it is sad because you showed to others the real you, and that is not what you wanted them to see but now you have to because in some ways it isn't working anymore. It is sad because it means you have to accepted when that someone say to you, 'This is it, game over'.

Why can we be just who we are? When you are married, be true to your wife/husband. You have a problem, talk to her or him. When you don't agree with your boss, talk to him/her. Yes there might a chance that instead of he or she accept your point of view, they might build up a case against you. But that is your own decision. Don't live in a lie. It will only cost you so much problem when that bubble is burst. White lie, alternative facts whatever you want to call it, don't believe it will work. Tell the truth, yes it is sad, it's hurt so much. If you don't want to hurt someone, then tell the truth from the beginning.

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