Da funk soul brother is no-more

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Be a(nother) star now!

Da funk soul brother is no-more....

R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson.

Dear Prince,

I once wrote this especially for you (tried) in your style in the he-form so that you had nothing to change about it and you could sing it immediately after made music at my words...

These lyrics I send to Paisley park in 1987, but I can imagine also the lyrics never reached the star.

Now this star is another star. At least if I pray to heaven now I can reach him....

This is some such  lyrics I wrote for Prince to sing, but which ones he probably never had seen:


                       I Must Confess


I must confess,

I'm in love with you.

I must confess,

I'll do anything for you.


I must confess;

I never met a girl like you.

I must confess:

You look pretty too.


Girl, you look so very cool;

Oh Lord you make me feel (like) a fool.

No, I never let you go:

Oh no!


Baby forget

all the friends you had.

I want to live with you;

Baby you want it too?


Never be alone anymore!

Yeah baby, come through my door.

My door is open as you know;

never go, never go.


I need you like humans need to eat;

I need you like a junk needs weed.

I need you here, I need you there;

darling, I need you everywhere


In my house and in my car,

very close and very far.

in the dark and in the light,

peacefully and in a fight.


I'll need you from the top to the toe,

That's one thing I just do know.


I must confess;

With you I feel fine.

I must confess:

I want you to be mine.





   For Prince 2....

I want to touch your body....

.....Will you touch mine?

I want to feel your body,

it lies next to mine


so what we're gonna do?

I'd love to do  something with you.

What we're gonna do?

Yes I know you.....


......I know  what's on your mind, dar­ling

and it's just one fine good thing.

I like you when you are like that;

I don't know your name, but I call you Cat


Our love is great, our love is sweet

and I know that you want my heat.

Come closer now, I won't bite you!

I know better things to do!


Cat I love you very much.

Uh, how fine, I like your touch!

touch me here and here and here,

Cat touch me everywhere (!)


Thank you so much for that dear Cat,

this I never will forget.

The real Cat:



My dreams are all about you.... so what must I do? I don't know what to do, I don't know where to go All I know's I love you so. Touch me please, I like your touch, touch me there, where I like it so much. God knows I wanted this from the start, don't go away now don't break my heart. I know you too love this game, 'cause our desires are the same. So come on; Let's play it again, You really know how to treat a man..... Don't stop, don't stop, never let this end, I only want to know how it came, not how it went. Oh, how I like this, Oh how fine, I'm so glad that you are mine. You're so good, so real and true; Tell me your name, Oh is it Sue. I never met a girl so pure and true..... Let's sing a song, no matter how long, 'bout love and sex, and forget your ex.... He's not important, He's away, he went. I only want to play, You want it too? Please say. Love and sex: It is the best, come on baby, let's forget the rest.

(Ik ben bij het concert in Galgenwaard geweest in 1987. Ik merkte nog heel naiief op: "Hmmm; Ze zijn hier aan het BBQ-en. Ik rook dus weet daar).

Prince nam: "I would die for you" iets te letterlijk...

11/04/2017 18:27

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