Backstage bij de Scorpions enzo...

Door Pina Jones gepubliceerd in Muziek

Backstage...en dan.....?

Foto's maken natuurlijk!

The Scorpions! This is Klaus Meine with Pina Jones:

(31 Januari 1991):




Klaus signeert.

(31 Oktober 1991):


31 Januari 1991:

Klaus met een brief van mij in zijn hand:


30 Oktober 1991:

Klaus zet zijn handtekening op 1 van de foto's en houdt mijn brieven eronder als steun om op te schrijven:

(De bodyguard springt er vlug tussen; Je ziet zijn arm):



Ik gaf Klaus fanmail. En wel dit:



Ich liebe dich

ja, ich liebe dich

ich liebe dich so

so viel Liebe hab' ich fur dich


ich muB dich

ja, ich muB dich

ich muB dich so

so  viele Liebe muB ich von dich


ja, lieben sie mich

lieben sie mich schrecklich

schrecklicher zweierleie Liebe will komm so weiter denn

Yep, wie ich liebe Dich, menn


                               Unter dem Baum


Unter dem Baum

hast du mich umarmt

du sagst: wie ich liebe dich

konnst du ja nicht verstehen


aber ich verstehe

alles was ich jetzt hoffe

ist dat du mich auch verstehst




                       thanx to "Tease Me, Please Me"


Knowing many girls

that's what you told me

no, I know better

You're lonely....


lonely and sad

that's what you are

and then you talk about love

boy; You think you know it, but beware!


Beware of me

I'm still hanging around

I will catch you with my drops of love

catch you and you can't escape

You think you always have to catch someone?

Then you're wrong 'cause here's me!


You say "before I have to go"

no baby no

You don't understand it anymore

If I'm there you will stay, I'm sure!


I won't make it hard for you

to choose

cause you take me

or you loose




                           thanx to "Crazy World"


Love you from top to toe

no no no

You can't surrender, isn't it?

surrender to your love-feelings to me


then I've got to do it

do it man, yeah that's it

I surrender, I give up

and tell you or love you from toe to top!



                      thanx to "Hit Between The Eyes"


Get you back

on the stage

no, no other way back

better go on stage and lay down


You want to have it? O.K. then, but....on stage

it will only be a rage

'cause your concert is still for one hour

I hope we can get in that time the satisfaction of our


Love me

Please, love me

love me

Yeahhh that's it

You know?

You're good

You're better on stage

than at home in bed

let's do it forever on stage

with public




                    thanx to "To Be With You In Heaven"


Reading the daily mail

I stop at the joke of the day

I don't wanna smile/laugh

So I don't read

....any further


Love in hell makes heaven

so why you need it so

love in hell makes heaven

that's one thing I know


never wasting any time

am I, but you keep telling me that I do

I wanna slam your face and stop your mouth

but I'm too good for you and let you shout


You got a big mouth, big mouth

a little heart, your mouth let your love scream out

you got a big mouth, big mouth

a little heart and a very big mouth




                        thanx to "Don't Believe Her"


Got to talk about sex?

Got a thrilling of it in your legs

Or some above, it doesn't matter

no matter, no matter, no matter


But you still have to believe

tell yourself, tell it yourself again and again

You only be a thief

a thief for your own love that's not coming to you now

because you've stolen it and you know how?


You think you must talk about sex

Got to act it with your elastic legs?

no baby no, I tell you love is better

love is better, but do you matter?




                        to The Wind Of Change-maker


Take me on your walk

throught where you wanna go

I will be quiet

when you tell the things


The things of the youth

the youth you remember

the youth you've forgotten

is far away from you

and with that it is

far away from me

....far away from me too


You think you know

the past?

I tell you

You don't know half the life you've lived

no, you don't know

but I'm your guest


don't be angry

I told you this

I only wanna show kiss....




                         thanx to "Restless Nights"


Cannot sleep

knowing you want me too

need you now

not there

but here

not on t.v.

but in bed


cannot sleep

knowing you want me too

cannot sleep.....dreaming deeply

'bout me and you

my Lord; Is that really what I do?


I must be crazy and I am

but I long for you and your touch

I must be crazy; I'm still a virgin

How can I want something I never did?




                           Kick After Six-desires


I'm not the one you like

I'm only your entertainment bike

writing this; Writing your (fan) mail

no, it's not for sale


it's not for sale 'cause it's in love

and you may have my love

You may use my love, do with it what you want

I'd love to stand again with you hand in hand


No, it's impossible, I'm dreaming too much

Baby I only can watch

You're so unreachable for me isn't it?

I think it's very SHIT!


(Get my kicks of the kick inside)




                          thanx to "Lust Or Love"


Can't tell you everything

everything, but love

is one thing I can tell you

and lust is something else


love you baby

lust comes later

love you baby

promise to give you good sex overhere, later


It must be love

But I need to lust

the lust to love

the lust to play

the love to do it all some quiet


how can I do this all together

I don't know but it doesn't matter


all that matters me


so loving you

that you keep singing

for me

still loving you




                  thanx to "Send Me An Angel"


Here's an angel

It's writing this for you

Look out danger!

'Cause it's all messages of love


It's not cold

like I told you first

But it's full of heat

Heat of me

Heat from love

is in this letter

so look out

protect yourself better


No, really

you can escape that's the best

escape and I'll do the rest

(I will run behind

I like to find).


Poem I made for Jules:


                              You Can Ask Her


I know what you want to know

You can ask her

I know what you want

but you can ask her


I know you got your questions

you can ask her

I know what she feels for you

but you can ask her


This is really not the way

Go ask her it all herself some day

I know, yes and you can say that and it's true

but if I tell you all  these things I know there's no fun too


In fact I think she knows more answers for you than you think

so go ahead boy, come on give her a wink

or something like that in a free relaxed way

well I'll tell you she's not like a rainy day


You are not sure

You can ask her

You can ask me

But you can better ask her


You wanna know?

You can ask her

You wanna merry her?

But you can ask her!


Lyrics I wrote for Julian :


                       Julian Lennon


You can be dissappointed, don't ask me how I know

I can see it on towards your kind of show

you're giving away on the stage

The only thing you did not do in your life was turning the page


This is a song, a song for you

someone you know did sing there so much for me

I still play those songs again and again

doesn't bother me when...




For you to give

so much to live

That's because you believed and still believe in possibili­ties of life

You know, Good decisions are positive ingredients of life






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