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'It's in the news all over the world, whatever channel,' Jonathan said. 'It is like the only news is the Mont Blanc tunnel,  a sense of tremendous unease is starting to grow amongst the people who go daily through tunnels to work.' 'Yes,' agreed Eze, 'I can see that, it is the power of terror, with few resources achieve an impact which sticks to the brain.' The screen was in the background, and any self-respecting news desk, gathered news at the site, sparsely a new fact came forward which was connected to it. A motorist who was still outside the tunnel at the time of the explosion, spoke of an enormous pressure wave that had come out from the tunnel mouth. As if the tunnel entrance was an exhaust that had just become part of a fiery jet.
A second one was interviewed and spoke of fiery beams and smoke that had shot up from the ventilation shafts. While the two Darpa analysts studied papers and compared notes at the conference table, a reporter spoke with a grave voice of the little hope there was for those that were in the tunnel when the thunderous blow had put an end to the passage through the mountain. Initial estimates began to come in on the possible number of vehicles that were in the burning tunnel shaft. 'No,' said an employee who now had a microphone pushed under his nose, 'the fire department cannot enter the tunnel from any side, we must fear for the worst.'
'There should be pictures' said another newsreader, 'there are cameras in the tunnel walls, but those images are now being studied and have not yet been released. However, we understand that there are three vehicles that  exploded simultaneously and prudent judgments is that we are not talking about an accident but a planned operation.'


Jonathan grabbed the remote and virtually eliminated the sound of the screen. 'This,' he said, 'is the kind of attack that you can hardly avoid. Whatever our government has  supported and financed, whichever group of Muslim fighters, it has gone completely out of control and there are forces using the weapons that we have delivered for their own personal gain, against us, they are aimed at the Free West. Like Vietnam with the guerilla fighters of the Vietcong, there is no honor for us, you can not openly meet the enemy, because who is today an honorable citizen, tomorrow becomes a martyr warrior who is willing to die for his faith.' Eze nodded, 'that sums it up up pretty well,' he said, 'the Pahana Westland's right, you have to address and eradicate the plant with its suckers at the roots, so just for the record, what do we know of any defense shields.'

'I have information from the Admiralty,' Jonathan Groove, answered, 'two frigates can project an angle which is called parabolic by nature and submits a defense umbrella over the region. It is a concept that Delft has developed and was applied during the Falklands war. That was a forerunner of the shield, but was capable of stopping anything, even that which came rushing on at the speed of sound and shoot it from the air. I mean, even still over the enemy territory, that had fired the relevant projectile.' Eze whistled between his teeth. 'Good God,' he said, 'always Delft or Stanford as  if there were no other universities in the world.' 'In comparison to technical ability,' said Jonathan, 'there aren't.' 'During the Falklands war it was still called the goalkeeper, the Dutch implementation of a development of technical universities where no human hand was anymore involved. Since the actual human response is too slow for that.'


Jonathan consulted his papers and continued. 'The goalkeeper, took one out of one from the air. Whatever the Argentines fired to sink the British navy, including the French exoget missiles, delivered it to the Argentineans by the French and used on a fleet of a Nato country, good cooperation there in Europe, one European country, France, supplies weapons to a non European country, Argentina, to drill the fleet of the European neighboring England  into the ground. Exoget which rockets were the cream of the French airwarfare development, the most advanced missile system at that time. But the defense system of Delft shot them all out all the air. Two out of two, three out of three .. eighty out of eighty.' He looked at his notes and said, 'now that system has been upgraded and is called the RSP.'

'Which means,' asked Ezechïel? 'Rocket Shield Protection, with 100% coverage.' 'What am I to imagine from those frigates,' Eze wanted to know. 'For example, with two frigates in the North Sea and two in the Skagerrak, near Denmark and across Europe, say two in the Mediterranean Sea beyond Italy, you'll shield off the area underneath with a cross-dome. Really sealed off. It takes more than the six frigates, of course, there are also fleet components that will protect the frigates which now have become very important as shield bearers and each mission will have a submarine added with missiles to fire as retaliation at the area from where the enemy launched.'

'War has become a technical story,' sighed Eze. 'Yes,' agreed his old comrade, the one with the fastest computers and backup weapon wins. So if we put two frigates in the Red Sea, then the new state Judae, ancient Israel, is protected, and everything in between Italy and the Red Sea.' 'Look at the beauty of it,' said Jonathan Groove, 'if you put two more frigates in the Bosphorus, than Greece, the Balkans and Turkey are covered and we stand on the doorstep of Russia.'


They don't have a chance,' smiled Eze. 'That's right and they know it,' said Jonathan, 'or the final battle would long have been fought, until they catch up and have the same technology, but we hopefully will then be a step further again.' 'How long before the shield can be in place,' Ezechïel wanted to know, 'which is important for my plan, the plan that was put forward by my group of analysts.' 'At its slowest within 48 hours,' said Jonathan Groove, 'depending on where the fleet parts are at the moment.' 'You should get to our 'big' Pahana and announce that the shields must be put in place, because then I estimate that we will solve in T 48 hours + 2, the Syria problem, so let those naval units steam up and I will share my insights on how we are going to get others to do our job.'
'I wonder,' said Jonathan, and he pressed a button on his console. The monitor now showed the face of old General Westland. 'Yes,' came the voice of Westland. 'Good afternoon Pahana,' Jonathan said. ' Just leave the good out, have you not seen the news,' said the old man, 'the entire free world is turned upside down again by some monkey action, people go with fear  over the Golden Gate bridge to san Fransisco to work. No one in Europe likes commuting through a tunnel, people avoid ferries. We get disrupted by an action of nothing.' 'That's why I'm calling,' Jonathan imperturbably continued, 'My colleague and I have the plan ready to uproot the plant, if you know what I mean, that's going to happen at T-50 hours from now. That is, if you  contact the Admiralty and order them to activate the 'Rocket Shield Protection, the RSP, so now it depends on you and the admiralty. 'Copy', replied the old man's face, 'after that I want a briefing.' 'Yes sir,' replied Groove and shut the screen off. 'Okay Eze old boy,'Jonathan said, 'I'm really very curious about your plan.'
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San Daniel in 2017


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