Follow the hand that points, the story behind Jihad 142

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


'Can you check out if we can pull a defense shield over America and the Free West,' said Ezechïel, 'Then I'll get involved with an analysis group to define deterrent targets.' 'What  exactly have you got in mind,' asked Jonathan Groove? 'It's not difficult,' replied his old comrade, 'you have heard the Pahana, we have a free hand and he wants to destroy the root of evil.' 'I've heard that,' agreed Jonathan, 'and I have heard more, that the US government itself through her actions, have created the terrorist groups.' 'I heard even more,' chuckled Eze, 'he is in a hurry but wants to stay out of the game and only support us when needed. Another country must make the opening move and we design the plan and then the US wants to support the destruction of Isis. ' 'Yes,' Jonathan said quizzically, 'and so ...' 'I'm going with my group to figure out which country is the most appropriate and sensitive to bring about Isis 'end,' Ezechïel continued,' but I do not want the Free West swept off the map by a Russia that puts on too big pants. Or at least causing too serious damage to us all.'

'Okay, got you,' murmured Jonathan who still had to get used to the idea that Eze was now seen as his equal. 'I just want to know whether such a shield could be put in place,' Eze said, gathering up his papers, and then Pahana must ensure that it gets momentum. I suggest that we meet after lunch break.' Jonathan nodded, he felt suddenly the lesser of Ezechïel.
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'The Mont Blanc Tunnel is a tunnel road which connects France with Italy. Each year about 1.7 million vehicles use it. The tunnel is 11.6 km long and consists of a 8.60 meter wide tunnel with two lanes. The tunnel runs under the Mont Blanc from the French town of Chamonix- Mont-Blanc into the Haute -Savoie to the French village of Courmayeur in the Italian region of Valle d'Aosta. The construction of the Mont Blanc tunnel began in 1959 and is part of the E25.'

The three vans drove with an in between distance of two kilometers to the tunnel opening. They were each heavily laden, you could see that if you drove right behind a van. The rear wheels were pushed down by the weight a little and each van had a driver and a passenger. The weight on the rear axles was caused by wine barrels of 250 liters each, with a small but not insignificant difference, there was no wine in the barrels. At the top left front fender was the white plate with a maximum allowed weight. They did not exceed that weight, but were  slightly below it, the 10 barrels of fuel came up to a total weight of 2,500 kilos. Add to that the 250 kilograms of explosives and the two slender men in the cab, and you came out around 2900 kilos of weight, where the maximum laden weight was 3500 kg. That seemed more modest than it was, because the remaining space was crammed with hay bales to hide the real load.

There was always a control point on entering the country with freight, regardless if it were heavy or light trucks. But the driver of the first van didn't mind. He would not arrive there with his fellow fighters. He would enter paradise right from the detested heretical France, welcomed by young men who would come dancing towards him with jars of wine in hand. 'Strange,' he had thought, the bit about the wine. 'The naked young men competing in beauty joined to meet him and danced with him and shared jars of wine and led him to the virgins who were already waiting for him in the paradisiacal garden filled with beautiful flowers and scents, the peacocks of the aurora walked up to him .. '' 'Follow the hand that points,' he murmured,' be quick in the race for forgiveness and I will give you a garden so large as the earth ... .. follow ...' his thoughts flow was interrupted by the toll station. He knew what it cost, 38 euros from France and held in his hand the two notes of 20 euros. 'Au revoir,' he said automatically when the barrier went up and thought it should have been jamais au revoir... we will not see this spot again.

From the dry run that they had made before they knew where they would blow themselves into oblivion. There was a distance marker per 100 meters. Husam al Din - Sword of the Faith, formerly known as Ahmed, would bring his bus to explosion at km 10, one and a half km before the end of the tunnel and his comrades and fellow fighters respectively at km 6 and the bottom of the list, Dhul Fiqar - the sword of the prophet, who until recently had been called Ibrahim, would blast himself to paradise, jenna, at km post 2.


All three drivers were listening to the same cassette tape that endlessly repeated itself. 'Be quick in the race for forgiveness from your Lord, my heart, and a garden, which is as large as the entire heavens and earth are reserved for the righteous and shall be your portion. Follow the hand that points, follow the pointing hand. Interspersed sometimes the same but sung. It was nice in a way the text filled up all your senses and took hold of you. The passenger had his hand through the loop of his belt and looked at the km indicators. At km 8 Husam al Din - Sword of faith, put on his emergency lights and went agonizingly slow. 'It will create a traffic jam,' he smiled, 'follow the hand that points,' he knew what that meant, more vehicles per linear meter, more Kuffirs hounded to death, damnation submitted. 'Follow the pointing hand.' At km 10 post, he nodded to his passenger as he brought the van to a halt diagonally. 'Follow the pointing.......'
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San Daniel 2017


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