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Professor Boismont shut his system down and went to the sliding glass doors of the raised computer room in the catacombs. Behind him stood the 360-65 humming and whirrring and pounding and sending looping messages into the world, with each loop a variation of the Jewish tribes, the Hopis and the clay table of Panaha. He waved to Janssen who sat bent over his terminal with data import. He'd like to stay here but it was Thursday, the day he called in his heart: 'Marieke day'. A moment later he was in the taxi that took him towards' 'pizzaria Laif' in the old town, and he looked back with satisfaction on the working day behind him. He was still very much so, immersed in machine language and index registers and did not notice  the black van that followed his taxi.

Quirck touched his ear and started talking to the leg of his sunglasses. 'Phase Alpha is locked, everything is under control, we will be able to continue with Beta, Roger.'
Jonathan nodded to the operator in the control room, the Early Bird rolled around its axis in space and gave the GPS position of the speaker. He made a gesture with his finger to his thumb and the Oude Delft center was magnified. The Darpa bus was along a canal. 'Okay,' Jonathan said in his headset, 'ready for Beta, Roger.' Copy, Roger over and out,' the immediate answer came. 'Oh well,' Greenbaum said to the other gorilla, 'it is nice in a way that he can still enjoy his pizza.' 'Yes,' came Quirck's reply, 'I hope that he enjoys, it will be his last.'


Inside was his daughter already waiting behind a glass of wine, 'hi, Dad,' she said, 'I was a bit earlier, would you care for some wine,' and without waiting for an answer she beckoned the waiter and pointed to the glass of her father. 'Have you made a choice,' asked the waiter, 'the usual I suppose,' he smiled, 'one with and one without capers?' 'Indeed,' Marieke laughed and she turned again to her father.
'Well,' she said, tomorrow' I'll travel to the colleagues from Stanford.' 'That was quick,' said Boismont,' this has become a farewell dinner then. Tell me more about your research.'

'It is not is clear in all its complexities,' his daughter replied, 'but it has to do with longetivity and cryonics.' Boismont took a sip of wine and washed it carefully past his cheek pouches. 'I know what longetivity entails,' he smiled. But Cryonics doesn't ring a bell.' 'It's a fairly new field,' Marieke said. 'In Europe still fairly unexplored but in America since the 60s in development.' 'That is a half century of research,'was her father's opinion ,'strange it sounds totally unknown to me. What does the research examine and what are the objectives?

'It is A Darpa thing,' said Marieke, 'imagine that an important person is about to die, for example, a president who's been shot, but the wound complications are such, that today's operating techniques do not make sense.' 'Yes,' said her father? 'Then we put a tube into the aorta vein, his daughter continued while she pricked her pizza, 'and then we pump a saline solution, artificially through the heart to the brains, which has priority, because in general brains survive only 4 to 5 minutes without oxygen.'

Boismont leaned forward, certain things anyway seemed familiar to him. 'We then pump the solution through the rest of the body and replace the blood with a saline solution, when that is done, then the person in question no longer has blood nor brain activity.' 'Why would you want to do that,' her father wanted wanted to know. 'Because then you can bring the body down to a temperature of minus 250 degrees in liquid nitrogen,' his daughter explained, 'and you can store it until you want to awaken it. Saline solutions have freezingpoints much lower than blood, blood would freeze and expand and cause irreparable harm to the arteries.' 'Right,' said Boismont, 'I have read a book about this in a faraway past but then it was called suspended animation, or animation or movement or deferred animation." He racked his brain, it was a long time back to the days when he was still a student and he had not really made the choice between primary and secondary subjects.

'It was called, it was called,' and suddenly it came back to his mind, 'it was called Cybernetics a new science,' he said triumphantly. But all publications in this regard have been withdrawn a few years ago.' 'Wow,' said his daughter, 'Touche,  I find that pretty clever, Cryonics is a spin off of Cybernetics and if the publications are no longer accessible I would imagine Darpa had something to do with that.' 'I had dismissed it as a tried and forgotten research field,' said the specialist. 'On the contrary, it seems that almost sheer inexhaustible funds are being pumped into the Stanford project,' Marieke laughed, 'it has received a temporary top priority indication.' 'Is that so,' muttered her father. 'Hmm,' said his daughter chewing away the last piece of pizza. 'Think of hibernating bears, for example,' she continued, 'It is a similar thing. But decisive has been four cases of people under the ice and that had been clinically dead for up to 40 minutes and who were brought back without brain injury. We want to induce that artificially. '

'You know,' Marieke persecuted 'the Egyptians with their mummies tried the same thing, they believed that if the shell still existed, the souls or the mind, say the personality still lived on.'

'It seems a bit risky to me,' said her father, 'where a failure would be seen as murder.' 'We are not going to see one another for a long time,' continued his daughter, 'I signed that I would stay a year in the research field, without any contact with the outside world.' 'Why would you do that,' asked her father? 'Oh, it will get me an honorary Stanford doctorate at the end, and that is not to be laughed at, but I want to be at the cradle of cryonics and I would not miss that for anything in the world, than you accept some funny side conditions.'

'Dessert,' asked her father? 'Oh why not,' she smiled, 'but something cold to celebrate the new promotion.' 'Waiter, have you got something with ice cream and fruit,' she asked with her beaming smile. 'Yes,' the man, who had kept waiting a fews steps away replied, 'with whipped cream and almonds?'



'Good God,' Quirck said to his mate in the Darpa bus, 'are those folk never done eating,' and he shifted a bit on his seat. 'I never liked waiting,' Greenbaum said.

'Remember when we talked about my pond and your mountain, last time,' Boismont asked as they worked their way through the  sorbets. 'Yes,' Marieke said, 'and I come down the mountain ..' 'I left at the pond,' said her father, it's not just a dream, it seems to me as a projected illusion.' He paused. Then he continued, 'we can not go there ourselves on our own, we become activated as a program that you give a run or enter. We can't steer that, but when we are there next time, let's go past the parameters, let's just do it the next time. If the program then restarts we continue, I suppose, we will then exist outside the boundaries while the lake and the mountain are reset and we will then reappear again just as often as the illusion is restarted.' 'Sounds like an interesting experiment,' laughed his daughter, 'but enough about Cryonics and perennial ponds, because I have to go, tomorrow morning early, I'll be on my way to the States.'

'It's not any different,' said her father, 'science calls.' He got up and embraced his daughter, 'have a good trip and good luck there with the Yanks.' 'Thanks Dad,' Marieke said, and gave her father a big hug. 'I'll be fine,' and a moment later she stepped out the door stared after by her father who realized he would miss these evenings. He went to sit down for a coffee and a brandy and he felt so old and lonely and abandoned.

'Yes,' Quirck told his glasses, 'standing by for Beta, Roger', 'copy, Roger,' it came back from the control center, 'he is now coming out .. we are going for him.' 'So old boy, just walk along' said Quirck who came walking next to the prof. Greenbaum was a second later on his other side. 'Good evening, gentlemen,' said the professor deep in thought as he walked past the pizzaria. 'We will be the judge of that,' replied Quirck. 'Look my friend Greenie and I have brought something funny with us,' and he showed the taser that fitted into the palm of his hand. Greenbaum also turned to face the profesor. '10 000 volts each,' chuckled Quirck," do not talk and just get along in the car and nothing happens. "
Boismont nodded, he felt tired, 'was there never going to come an end to the nonsense.' He followed Quirck to the van while Greenbaum gave him a helpful push. Behind him he pulled the door closed while the driver started the car .. 'Phase beta closed,' Quirck reported to his sunglasses. 'We focus on phase Gamma, over and out.' 'Copy,' was the answer, 'Roger.' Ten minutes later the professor was helped into the Darpa chopper whose engine was already warming up. 'Go and sit on the Gadil seat, so to speak,' Quirck said with a strange smile.

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