Sometimes i do and somtimes not

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sometimes i love you. but I don't love you anymore. it's like i know that you're everything i wanted, but don't need anymore. it's like i can finally laugh at something then your jokes. it's like i find hapiness in myself instead of in your eyes. so it's like i'm moving on.

but sometimes... sometimes the only person i need is you. sometimes i can't laugh at anyone because they aren't you. sometimes i search for your eyes to find hapiness. sometimes i fall back into loving you.

just sometimes...

but i know that it is over. i'm not even sure if it has ever begon. all i know for a 100% is that it's over. i'm not allowed to have those sometimes anymore. i'm not allowed to have anything anymore. you took that privilege with you when you left. so believe me when i tell you that i won't have the sometimes anymore, after tonight.

give me tonight. to cry, to laugh, to dwell in the past. tomorrow i will let you go. believe me. all i want is tonight to feel the sorrow to feel the pain. tomorrow i will recover and see the rainbow after this rain. just give me tonight and i might... i might give up on you and turn off the light.

and when i turn it on tomorrow it will all be gone. all the pain and the sorrow. all the hopes and whishes. i will throw it all away. all your stuffs and your gifts. all that will remain is the what if's.

21/01/2017 23:49

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