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Black feather, was sitting still, he seemed carved out of rock and he was breathing heavily, the air was laden with expectation. He opened his mouth and a long plaintive sigh drifted over the tribe. "Arrrgh," it sounded followed by a pause and he took another deep breath and bowed his head down now. "Arghhhh," came the loud groan for a second time as if it came straight from his soul. The young man who had only recently become a warrior and worked outside the reserve pushed the microphone mark of his cell phone and knew that whatever was said would now be sent to his colleagues in the city.

The tongue of Black feather, now blurted out and flapped back and forth between his lips and there was an elongate sound leaving the old man, trading in pitch as the prancing neighing of a stallion before the storm. Everyone knew that this was reality. The great spirit now resided in the old Indian, there could be no doubt.
Black feather began to hum and spoke with bowed head.

"I'm Black feather of the ancient Bear Clan.
I have searched and learned from my brothers. I took the ancient sacred paths of my people, who lived in forests and near the many lakes in the East. The path led me to those who lived in Icyland with the cold in the North, and I sat at the sacred stone altars of our ancestors in the South. All my brethren I have heard, I have listened to the stories of their past, and their dreams of things to come. The past is over, the future shorter, time is running out."

He sighed deeply and then remained silent. Then after a while he spoke softly to himself again, but every word was received as if the listeners were standing next to him.

"My people have turned away from the old way, they do not have time for the big ceremonies, our footsteps in the Fourth World are virtually obliterated, but this was even dreamed of. The time is small.
Our tribe expects Pahana, the lost white brother. He will not be like the white people that we know, mean and bad. We also knew that they would come, but we are waiting for Pahana. He will entail the lost symbols which our elders received when he left us. That will show us who he is

Black feather slumped together and looked deadly tired. An old warrior sat down beside him and hummed softly, he gave two short beats on a drum, and repeated the brief hummed series of notes. It was followed by two hard beats on the drum. Then it was silent.

"The fourth world is coming to an end," whispered Black feather, "the first world was destroyed by fire and the Second World froze, the developing world was fast and there were many people who forgot the instructions of the Great Spirit, they were washed and drowned, and we were led to the fourth world in reed boats'.

It remained silent. "Pahana gave the clay table with us," the old man who now clearly had difficulty speaking whispered, "and he gave it, he broke off a piece, which is his sign of recognition."

The old warrior gave two taps on his drum, 'hau,'he cried, 'he hears the voice of the Great Spirit.'
Black feather now breathed deeply and rhythmically and sang a few ambiguous words in an old language. "We are the children of the sun," he said. "Our greatest healing gift is our soul." He looked around and continued, "the final battle is within ourselves and our order in time is our new beginning in time." The tribe knew that what they witnessed was special, Black feather had never oracled this long. "Hau," said the old warrior beside him.


"Pahana will bring part of the portrait ," continued the old man, "the part that he broke when he sent us over the waters. The stone will have mixed the face of an Indian in white and gray and black, with dark feathers. "

Two hard taps resounded on the drum.
"Where the circle unites the plus and minus sign, we enter the fifth world," muttered the man who now lowered his head even more.
"These are the signs that have been and the sign that is going to come,"  said the old Indian,

"This is the first sign: We dreamed of the coming of white men, resembling Pahana, but not living like Pahana. People who kill their enemies with thunder. That happened.

This is the second sign: Our country sees spinning wheels filled with voices. My father saw this prophecy come true, as the white men came across the prairie.

And this is the third sign of rare animals like buffalo, will land in great numbers flooding the land. White people drinking her milk.

And this is the fourth sign: The land will be crossed by an iron tube, even that happened, the train crosses throughout the country with its iron road

And this is the fifth sign, a gigantic spider web is about world so you can talk to people far away, you do not see.

And this is the sixth sign: rivers of stone reflecting in the air, going through all countries. That has happened, there are no areas without road.

And this is the seventh sign: the seas will turn black, and life will die in those seas.

And this is the eighth sign: young people who wear their hair long like my people. And they shall dwell in their tribes and do not go to war. They are the stepping stone to the new time."
'Hippies,' thought the man who had his phone open.

Two hard deafening drumbeats sounded and then Black feather looked glorious into a far distance that no one saw. "The ninth sign is the arrival of Pahana and the brotherhood of the lost tribe brothers ends the Fourth World and as the cross and minus the circle then fill and the new era is dawning. We now create what will be tomorrow '
"Hau," said the old warrior beside him. "I have spoken," said Black feather in a weak voice  and he collapsed. The young man closed his  mobile. 'That is a good story,' he thought.


'For crying out, take it easy,' said Jonathan, 'you scare the hell out of me when you come bursting in like that.' Eze sat down and took a deep breath. 'This comes from a transcript of a Hopi sun dance,' he said, pointing at the paper in his other hand. 'You make absolutely no sense,' said Jonathan Groove, 'try to cut down on coffee' 'Please read this,' Eze said, and shoved the paper under the nose of his boss. 'Web bot reference,' he read. Jonathan took it in hand and read the preamble. 'Your reporter was present at the ceremonial Sun Dance .. '

'Holy shit,' he said after a while, 'we can work with this, the seventh sign check is not correct, there are no black seas that stifle life.' Have you ever heard of the Black Sea which borders Russia,' asked Ezechïel 'or an oil spill that turns the sea black and kills all life.' 'Phew,' Jonathan replied. 'It's even scarier,' said Ezechïel, 'when you realize that if you push the circle and the other symbolism into each other it becomes our sign for radioactive weapons.'

'Ok, I read you loud and clear,' muttered his boss, 'I so don't like this.' 'But we will go and send such a Pahana on his way with his lump of clay table. We just make someone Pahana.' 'Have you noticed,' asked Eze? 'What,' his boss wanted to know? 'Moses came down the mountain with stone tablets which were also called tables.' 'Yes,' said Jonathan? 'The Assyrians wrote on clay tables,' said Ezekiel, 'and the lost 10 tribes were related to the incursions of the Assyrians.' He let the moment sink in. 'Perhaps the Hopi's are really a lost tribe of Israel,' he continued, 'could just be.' 'Maybe they are the only true pure strain,' Jonathan grinned, 'saying so, it seems to me that we have a good approach to command the matter in a military way,' and maybe I am the pope from a previous life.' He banged his fist on the table, which made Eze rebound. 'It doesn't matter how it is, all that matters is how we want to be, and he walked to the coffeepot and poured himself a new cup.


San Daniel in 2017


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