Het gedicht dat ik schreef tijdens de busreis

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Hey mensen,


Ik was onderweg naar school en aangezien het anderhalf uur reizen is en ik me redelijk verveelde, schreef ik onderweg een gedicht. Heeft totaal niks met school of vervoer te maken, maar meer met emoties. Ik dacht dat het wel leuk was om hem te plaatsen, so here it comes (also, ik heb mijn grammatica nog niet gecheckt dus er kunnen spelfouten in zitten, als je ze ziet vertel het me :)):


It's hard to live with someone

Who's anger rules most of the time

Who bites you and who hits you

But yeah okay im fine


I tried to live without him

For just a couple of days

But I could not accept

The pain all over his face


So back we went together

For half a year already

At fist the pain was pleasure

But now it's really heavy


The bruises on my body

My mom sees em everyday

She was tryna help me

But I said I was okay


But every lonely night

Im crying in my bed

And yesterday night

Was the last tear I shed


I am done with this bullshit

It has gone too far

It started in peace

And will end in war


I live in regrets

For all the things that i did

But what he did was worse

He made me feel like shit


And today is the day that I'm

Telling him why

I don't wanna be his

I don't want him to try


He doesn't get what I want

In my life

He needs a girl

Who can be his housewife


I wanna travel the world

And just see

All of the beauty

That's left behind me


I don't wanna be stuck

In a bored place like this

I wanna leave behind

This place I really won't miss


So this was the thing

I wanted to write

I hope he's okay

I hope that he's fine


I hope that he learns

Important things in life

Not to hurt people

Not to hurt his wife


Once that he learnt

His life will be good

Won't be so bad

Won't have a bad mood


For now I dont want him

And never again

I can live for myself

Live without a man


END, thanks for reading



09/12/2016 14:06

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