Follow the hand that points, the story behind Jihad, 71

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In the office Jonathan pushed the headset over his head and he saw the man in the distance, of the programmed work space, which had been baptized Elysium, break through the surface of the river. He clicked it on the microphone.

The peace prevailed in the forests and in the distance a winding river rippled along the banks, where tropical plants with colorful flowers hung over the water. The wild lilies impregnated with their perfume. the surroundings. Occasionally echoed the shrill cry of a peacock rising up in the air. The surface of the Jenna broke over the head of Gadil who emerged gasping. The water became pleasantly warm the last few meters and he waded to the shore. He could hardly contain what had all happened  in the last hour. In the sunlight he saw dancing butterflies and a heavy sweet scent of tropical flowers in bloom filled his senses. He became calmer and sat on a large boulder in the sun and dried up slowly.

In the distance a form came walking towards him, a tall man casting his shadow before him. He knew who it was, it was the owner of God's voice, he had no doubt, that had to be Jonathan. 'Gadil,' came the imperious voice, 'where art thou?' The voice was clear and seemed to come out of everything around him. He raised his hand. 'Here I am, Lord,' he replied. 'You've come a long way,' the voice was now beside him, 'Welcome to your Jenna.' Gwan Gadil trembled with reverence and stealthily looked up and saw that the figure was seated on a stone in front of him.

'Here you live now, as long as we permit it,' smiled the man. Gadil looked up and a sense of happiness filled him. 'We,' he asked as he looked around. Jonathan nodded, 'in your Jenna, I'm the reflection of the father who controls everything, say the son emitted to take care of the affairs, and we meet here at the spiritual level, say in the spirit, therefore, we are a trinity, the perfection as it exists. Everything is then combined in a symbiosis.' Gadil let it sink in, so he talked with the son who was the same as the father from another reality, who controlled everything and they met in the spirit at a spiritual level. 'Speak freely,' the man invited him, 'I will from now on only come when it pleases me.' Eventually Gadil formulated, seated in the warm sunshine, his question. 'Is this reality,' he wanted to know. 'Everything is reality,' the man smiled to him, 'this is your reality, and no less than mine. 'He gave him a  long look and then continued, 'realities are conceived and therefore this is reality. The other, your former reality, has been closed to you, where you walked in your body and ate and drank to keep it alive. This is your Jenna, your paradise.'


Gadil felt that the essence of his existence was being unfolded for him. 'Lord,' he said, 'I had expected another proposed Jenna, in my belief, there are verses about naked young men who are of great beauty. With jars of wine in hand, they dance to meet those who are admitted to Jenna, and they accompany the deceased with hands pointing to the virgins that await their loving. ' He paused and then said, 'those are verses from the mouth of our Prophet.' 'It then says a lot about the reality of your prophet,' was Jonathan's reply, 'every being projects his own reality and then gives expression to it.'

'The sun always shines here,' Jonathan continued, 'the lamb lies next to the lion and hunger and thirst are not present because we have not projected it. 'Think carefully, is there something you think you might want to have for eternity, because when I disappear from your Jenna, than a minute for me will be as a thousand years for you and that's a long wait, even in the timelessness.'

'Lord,' Gadil finally said, 'I will be lonely without company.' 'Pull a hair out of your head and give it to me, and I will send you a companion,' Jonathan said. He took the hair and held it in front of him to the sun. 'This will be your companion, from you, given by me to you.' Jonathan arose up from his stone and pointed to the path where he had walked himself. 'from there she will come, wait for her here.' Slowly, the man with the God's voice walked away from where he had come and when he was far away, really far away, Gadil thought he  turned around and waved before he disappeared into nothingness.

Jonathan put his microphone down and took off his headset. He liked playing God. He blinked against the bright sunlight shining into his office. He pressed one of the buttons on his intercom set. 'Operations room,' it sounded in his ear. 'Please,' he replied, 'this is Jonathan, from the just concluded Jenna / Gadil program, duplicate a companion for him.' 'Yes sir', he heard, 'have you got preferences, a nag or a nice woman.' Jonathan briefly considered his warped sense of humor, but that was just a delay of seconds. 'Make it a really nice woman, he has served us well.' 'Consider it done,' the reply came back when Jonathan closed the channel. ' Enough God for today,' Jonathan thought.


He glanced at his watch within a few minutes Eze would return to his Vatican story.

In the distance Gadil saw her coming, fairest of fair, the mother of all women, the woman who would share his time and would advise him and even though he had been waiting a thousand years, his heart jumped up in joy.

                                                         .- & -.

San Daniel 2016


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