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When Ezechïel entered the office, the coffee was already waiting for him. 'You wanted to see me,' Ezechïel asked his superior. 'I want to reflect and exchange information,' Jonathan replied. 'We're going to work together with the Boissies and I want to know if you've heard anything about an invasion in Pakistan. Eze picked up his coffee cup, 'Who has invaded there,' he asked insurprise. 'Daesh is taking over Taliban villages, with an iron hand so to speak,' his boss replied grimly.' What do you make of that?' The man in black looked at his coffee cup thoughtfully, 'I would say that they do not want to share power with the Taliban,' said Ezechïel, 'and they are spreading out their area of ​​operation.' That is what I think as well,' smiled Jonathan. 'But why not closer to home,' he continued, 'in Siria the Taliban is also active. Why Pakistan?' Eze sipped coffee and whirled it around in his mouth. 'Two fronts,' he said finally, 'they are splitting up into two fronts.' 'And ..' Jonathan asked. 'The Taliban has a power structure there,' said Ezechïel, 'the villages are all enslaved in serving assassins groups, one group simply replaces the other, there will be little resistance, as the Taliban has already taken care of that.'

'That is why reflection is good,' Jonathan said, now himself taking a sip of coffee, 'which is an approach that had not yet occurred to me.' He took a second sip and then continued, 'remember that when you're in my position, look for a sounding board, a person of trust with whom you can mirror, you come much quicker to results.' Eze did not answer but realized that if it were up to Jonathan there would be changes in the structure of the office. 'What do you remember about Pakistan that would be important to the men of Isis, or should I call them Daesh, because that is how they started.'

'the Urenco scandal with Dr. Khan,' Eze said, suddenly, 'that is why they are in Pakistan.' 'You speak in riddles, Ezechïel , for crying out loud, explain yourself better, ' said his boss, 'how can we mirror when you talk gibberish.' ' Okay,' said his sounding board.' What I have to report is associative and from memory and perhaps stands apart from the whole thing, but I was reminded of the Urenco scandal.' 'That doesn't mean anything to me, absolutely nothing.' 'It is a technical issue,' said his interlocutor, 'and I do it from memory so I can be mistaken here and there with dates or workshops but it is about the business at hand and the interest of the Arab scum.' 'I am listening,' his boss simply said,' while he poured some more coffee out. He knew that Ezechïel was heavily analytical and a walking store room of knowledge. 'He was born or had roots in India,' began Ezechïel. 'He studied physics in Karachi,' he fell silent,' hmm I think he had a degree in mathematics as well,' he frowned in concentration.


'He studied in Germany,' said Eze, 'in Berlin but moved to the University of Delft.' 'Again Delft,' murmured Jonathan. 'He graduated cum laude,' continued Eze, 'and has  done something or other with the Technical University in Leuven. ' 'Why that switching from one to the other university,' Jonathan wondered aloud. 'It are the three strongholds in Europe of technical expertise in the nuclear field,' mused Ezechïel, 'he was obviously looking for something that one single university could not offer him.'

'Okay,' said his boss, 'what makes this Dr. Kahn so important in the story.' He wrote a thesis on enriching uranium, the waste product of nuclear powerplants, turning it into raw material suitable for nuclear weapons. 'Right,' said his boss, 'who began to see the line in the story of his interlocutor. 'It was called something like.. hmm, a moment please,' Eze said, and he picked up his phone and dialed a number. 'Miss Brahms,' he said, 'just google for me Dr. Kahn from Karachi. .. Yeah Karachi, ' he repeated, 'and Khan with an "H" as the second letter in his name, we would like to find out the title of his thesis in Delft.'

'We'll get that from Brahms,' smiled Ezechïel,' at last,'he continued, 'he was appointed in Amsterdam in The Physics dynamic research team on the recommendation of his mentor, somewhere in the 70s and that led him to the Urenco project, which he helped develop, an enrichment institute of nuclear waste, where materials could be reprocessed for re-use in nuclear weapons.'  'He designed it,' Jonathan wanted to know? 'No, that was part of the scandal,' Eze explained. 'He was one of the researchers and .. ,' but a bell tone interrupted his narrative. 'Correctly,' he said into his cell phone, 'Thank you Miss Brahms, yes, yes I've got it.'

'That was Brahms,' the man in black announced. 'I understand that,' said Jonathan, what did she have to say?' 'Two publications by Dr. Khan,' replied the soundboard, 'Nuclear power in the Netherlands' and 'the Netherlands and weapons of mass destruction.' 'Exactly,' said Jonathan, 'a blind man can see what Khan was up to.' 'Yes,' Eze said, 'a blind man would, but the Dutch government and her academic advisers, did not. Khan had access to blueprints of the Urenco enrichment centrifuge, and disappeared like snow in the sun to pop up again in Pakistan.' 'The West is too good of faith and far too tolerant,' Jonathan exclaimed, 'God almighty you let someone study at your best settings and when that person emerges as nuclear scientist, then you give him access to the highest research circles and you show him your deepest secrets.'

'Since that time, Pakistan is a nuclear power with nuclear weapons,' Eze finished his speech. 'I also think that I know where they are going to put that first to use, or at least I guess so,' Eze continued. 'You have developed second sight, as well now' Jonathan laughed mockingly. 'If only,' replied his colleague, Then we'd be done here with the riffraff.' 'I'm listening,' said his boss. 'They'll use it what the radical Muslims see as the center of Western faith, the symbolic counterpart, of their holy city of Mecca.' 'Yes,' .. Jonathan asked. 'At the Vatican,' Eze said now with a voice carrying the conviction of the correctness of his deductions. 'They'll  flatten the Vatican flat and evaporate the pope with the whole saintly lot.'

'Easy, easy do not get carried away,'Jonathan opined, 'I'll see you back in an hour and then I like supporting evidence that the Vatican would be endangered.' He got up to indicate that Ezechïel could leave his office. 'So good friend,' he said, 'back to work, I'll see you again in an hour."

When the door closed again and Jonathan sat behind his desk he let everything sink in. He opened a window on his screen to the 'foreign office and typed his code name. 'yellow alert phase,' he typed in, 'in the Vatican area.'

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Urenco scandal

Weapòns of mass destruction and Dr Khan

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