An Incapable Specie

Door Nikita gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie

I have never been able to do it. Everyone is able to, but I am not. I never got the chance to learn it. I try to make myself able to do it, but still without result. Maybe there is progress, but I’m blind for progress. Progress is small, this is big. Practise would make the results bigger, but practice is scary. I am afraid and I don't know why I am, I just am. Explaining how much I would love to do it, is not possible. Believe me, it would make my life so much happier, it would bring me so much more joy, so much more love. I ask them ‘how, how, how’. The answer nowhere to be found. Them, speaking of the stupid people tell me ‘we just can do it, it’s in us, we’re humans’. That hurts, I can’t do it, am I not a human? What kind of species am I? At least not a normal one.

28/08/2016 19:21

Reacties (2) 

28/08/2016 19:34
Its difficult, I think perhaps a more open mind bring you joy and happines.
28/08/2016 20:13
I think in the case of this person it really would. I wrote this about a non existing person, with struggles who are existing. I see them a lot around me. An open mind would really ease these problems.
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