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When You are silent, You can observe.

When you are silent, you can see things for what they are.

When you are silent, you can accept things for what they are.

When you are silent you can connect within.

The constant flow of energy.



Not impacted by external forces

This is your energy

When you touch this energy you know it is different than anything else you have felt before.

It is pure.

It is this energy you can use to direct yourself.

In work. In life. In love

In sports. In crafts.

In what makes you, you.

Use this energy

Let it guide you.

It takes you where you really want to be.

Silence is golden


Waking up with anxiety




My alarm goes off.

My mind is telling me I can snooze and sleep half an hour longer. The same repeats again.

I know this is only a trick. Because I don’t want to feel the anxiety, the fear in my stomach.

It is always there. In the background when I am distracted. Or full force when I am facing it and listening to what it is saying.

I keep drifting away in thoughts. Which is again a trick not to be with my fear.

It can be blocking. It can be paralysing. And it can completely consume me.

But what do I see when I face it?

I see a small boy.

Scared of judgement.

Scared of failure.

Scared of not being good enough.

Constantly trying to shape myself into the perfect being.

But who is the one doing the judging?

Who is angry when I fail or am not perfect?

It is me

I am the one angry and judging when I am not perfect.

I am the one constantly pushing myself otherwise it is me who will get angry and judge myself. Not accepting myself for who I am.

But who am I?

I am friendly/curious/honest/kind/respectful/compassionate/interested in people/love motivating others.

I am good the way I am.

03/06/2016 15:22

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