Life and Love

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Life, Love

As much separate. As they are whole.

As much none. As they are one.

Who are you to say what love is for. For love does not mean but just is.

Who are you to say what life is for. For life is best lived now, and not tomorrow or the day before.

Where is it today, other than through a screen for see and play. Both life and love on a digital highway.

Take time for life. And slow it down. For love needs peace and quiet. Or it will drown.

One cannot go without the other. And today we seem to have lost both. Though keep searching. Be sure to make it your oath.

As much separate. As they are whole.

As much none. As they are one


Where is your home?

Home is what we think of when we are in a place we don’t feel comfortable.

Home is where we feel homey with a blanket on the couch and a hot drink in the winter or a barbeque with friends during the summer.

Home is solid ground. A base from which we go out and do the things we want to do and know we can always return after the big or small adventures.

Home is where we feel safe.

It is often a physical place. It is moved from time to time and decorated so it gives that home feeling we are looking for. We bind to our home by the experiences we have there. The parties, the lonely nights, the shared love.

But what do we do when this home is “compromised”? A burglar stealing items we are attached to. Or a fire burns down our house. We have to find a new home but it will take a long time before it actually feels as home.

Home within — your true self

What if we made our home within us? A place we can always return to wherever we are. If we feel anxious, scared, lonely, angry. We go to our home within.

Constantly on the move and don’t really feel like you have a physical home? Go to your home within.

Wherever you are. Whatever you do. You know you can always find that secure place within. You can always find you and your true self within your home when you feel astray. You will be able to ask yourself for advice when you need it.

But be sure it is your home within. Your true being giving the advice. This won’t be in the form of an answer with words but in the form of a feeling. Not an emotion but more like an instinct. Trust this feeling. You will learn the difference between this feeling and cloudy emotions/thoughts over time.

Take time to “go back home”. It is not to be rushed because you will lose sight of your home. Take the slow road home. Sit down without distractions. Ask yourself questions and listen. Really listen to that feeling to find home.

Home is where your heart is. And this is inside you. Go back home and take your heart wherever you are.

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