My Daily Questions

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Daily questions

So many are talking about finding your purpose in life. You then launch and fully commit yourself to fulfil this purpose. Taking action, learning, setting goals, finding the right people to guide you, etc. This purpose will become your life. You will aim to be successful with your purpose (whatever your definition of successful may be).

But what if you enjoy so many things. You find so many things interesting. You enjoy learning or doing so many different things which have no connection (and thus do not support each other to become more successful at them). What if I like something now, start doing something with it, do a mediocre job but I enjoyed doing it? Do I have to give everything, push myself to grab all opportunities I have because they are there and I should be grateful for having them?

What about following my hearth? What about being in touch with my inner most self that everything I do I based on the love for doing that one thing at that moment? What about following this feeling of love and compassion knowing and trusting that everything is and will be OK?

So many questions, yet no answers. But I find rest in trusting that the answers will come.


Feeling like an outsider

I have always felt a bit like an outsider while growing up. Different from most people around me. I have always had different interests, had so many different questions. I often did things that I didn’t really want to do it had no interest in because otherwise I would feel even more lonely.

I never really knew what I wanted to do or pursue. Everyone around me seemed to have a talent or an interest they could delve into. This made me doubt even more about my skills or talents. Scared that I would never find a thing for my own.

I was connstantly searching for people with the same interests. Hoping I would find someone I could share my questions about life with.

Looking back at this period, I have grown to appreciate who I am. I am proud of who I am and so should everyone else who feels different.

Keep asking those questions, stay curious, keep searching for people similar, keep searching for what you really want. Follow your own path and don’t let society influence you or make you doubt on what you really want to do.

Listen to yourself, listen to your heart. Have faith you will end up where you will belong as long as you will stay honest with yourself.


Thank you for reading. Let me know what you thoughts or daily questions are!

03/06/2016 15:13

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