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Andalucia, chosen mayors and corruption in Spain

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


'Sin verguënzas ,' shameless ones', roared a man next to me looking down at his coffee cup with cognac and espresso and he slammed it on the bar, to show how angry he was at such news. The deposed mayor looked around the council chamber and left the assembly, accompanied by the guardia civil. 'Nothing new under the sun,'said Alfonso, 'when you put the news on there is always a drunken judge, a corrupt politician or a thieving mayor in view. 'I could not be a politician,' said another friend of mine who just downed a barecha, a local blend that burns your esophagus away.' 'Why not Pedro,' I asked  taking a sip of my cafee solo which was tooth bending strong .. 'I'm too honest,' he chuckled. 'They wouldn't want me.'  'Hmm,' I said, 'that might just be true.'


The television had continued with domestic news, the Princess Infanta Christina did not know what she had signed when her husband Inaki Urdangarin, Duke of de Baleares, after his marriage to the daughter of the king, and patron of a charity, had given her documents in hand. she had trusted the administrator of the foundation and her husband, who claims to have been deceived as well, and believed that the submission of invoices that were meant to make the foundation a few millions lighter,were totally correct.

'Mark my words,' cried the first man now, 'she had the wrong friends, she did not know not what she was doing.' 'No,' I thought, 'this really drops my pants down, the lady works in a bank has done some serious studies and does not read what she signs, over and over again .. until it becomes a scandal of unprecedented proportions, registered as  'the case Noos.'I have seen this before,' I said, 'this is the same that happened some time ago  in my country with a prince of the Netherlands, who was involved in the Lockheed affair. I pointed to my cup and Miguel Angel poured out a new solo.' 'Stealing money meant for charities', asked the landlord. 'No,' I replied, 'Well ..he had stipulated a commission paid over an aircraft order paid for out of public funds.' 'Oh public money, you have to be careful with public money, you'll be stealing from each taxpayer.' 'That's right,' I said, 'it came to light, we have a state office of auditors in my country performing proper checks and accountants on staff who change every four years of employment, so that they can not 'root' and 'make wrong friends.'

'That sounds well organized,' was Miguel Angel's opinion. We were involved early in the morning in the 'Commentario 'and a cup of coffee or a cup of liquor to prepare for the daily responsibilities.


'How did it end with that prince of yours,' Pedro wanted to know. 'A committee of wise men met behind closed doors and the result was binding,' I replied .. 'Yeeees...,' urged my friend  drinking the next barecha,' sooooo ..?'. 'The outcome was that the prince had been misled and had met bad friends.' It fell silent. 'But he had received money from Lockheed,' the first man asked. 'Oh yes, on his own account,' I replied. 'But he made up for it with a gesture, he was also patron of the World Wildlife Fund and made a donation of 1 million to them.' 'Beautiful gesture, beautiful gesture,' shouted the first man, 'first you steal from your people and then you donate part of the same money, unbelievable, I thought we were corrupt.' 'You summarized it well,' I chuckled, 'it's not for nothing that in my mother tongue we have a saying: 'to know no evil of the prince.' 'So no punishment then,' the man asked? 'Yes, certainly there was, you can not just steal from the entire population.' 'What was his punishment,' asked the anti-monarchist landlord, with interest. 'The Prince', I started and looked around the circle, 'should never more wear a uniform in public.' 'Hey,' said my friend, 'that was it?' 'Yes,' I agreed, 'pretty much so.' 'What an insane  punishment,' said the landlord. 'Look,' I said, 'I was not one of those wise men, huh? '



What do you think will happen with our princess who did not know what she signed each time but bought homes in New York and Switzerland and a yacht which was the envy of the entire marina, and never wondered where all that money came from? '

'I suppose she'll go unpunished,' said Pedro, and her husband who has been elevated to the noble position of duke in order to marry her, will rot in jail, the judge has demanded 19 years for him.' 'Or he might meet an accident very handy for a king, just think of Princess Diane of England pregnant from an Arab lover and about to marry him. Very annoying for the old queen that she would have Arab grandsons, who would have right of succession if something were to happen to the other two princes.'There was silence and I thought I'll finish it.' 'So by chance,' I said, 'Princess Diane was involved in a car accident, in a tunnel and she and all passengers with her were killed. Her driver hit a concrete pillar at a speed of 150 km per hour.'

'Has that really happened,' Alfonso asked bewildered. 'Yes,' I replied simply. 'A blind man can see that it is something more than just a coincidence,' added Pedro and all nodded with fierce conviction. 'The king will force his sister to separate from that Iñaki,' the first man said, 'he can not afford that corruption extends to the royal family, or ... another tunnel ...' 'If I were Iñaki I'd look over my shoulder a lot,' I said, 'and I'd never take twice the same route home.'

Alfonso made a gesture with his finger around the circle, and the bartender brought the bottle. The tv showed the mayor who was led away now, handcuffed. 'There's a lot to say for tolerance ,' I continued. 'In my country old politicians are often appointed mayor and stand above the parties. Here there are elections and every four years one large party or the other major party wins the elections.' I had the full attention. 'Here politics is not working in favor of the improvement of the town or for the citizens. The party that wins the majority appoints the mayor. Often someone who grew up in the village  and went to school with everyone else, and later in life out drinking, where friendships were formed. The mayor is not above the parties, he is an exponent of the winning party. The people in the intimate circle of the new mayor, the friends circle, get all the financial support and the rest, yes, they were the enemy. That's unthinkable in my country.'




'Here a newly appointed council debunks retroactively the planning commission of the previous group and all the houses that were built within that four-year period have now suddenly become illegal. The one-way traffic system, has become again a two-way system, fatal in old villages with narrow streets, but when they have the majority, then they simply vote it through. The parking spaces for the invalidated are canceled and they determine who gets them and where. Light and water may be cut off from those who were not clearly enough part of the ruling party itself, and only after some delay reconnected. Just two parties that sick each other every four years.'

'The objective is only just to win the elections however possible with any vague or false promises or what ever it takes, then appoint the mayor, and then use that man as a puppet for your own goals, then of course corruption will come into it. ' I took a deep breath, then approach the people,' I continued,' and tell them that their houses are 'illegal'  but if they vote ' correctly' after 4 years, that could change. The Mafia can learn from us. Is it normal that in our Andalucia 300 000 houses have become or are deemed illegal, surely they were not secretly built over night, made 'illegal' or irregular by politicians to use the residents as siphon in elections

'Easy,  take it easy San,' Pedro said, holding out his glass to have it refilled again, 'I never see you so worked up.' "Well it's because of all the corrupt mayors who come daily to the news channels, the system works that in hand.' The men nodded. 'In my country I'm sick and tired of tolerance and participation, and integration processes. Year in and year out there are discussions about whether or not mayors should be elected and every do gooder has an opinion unhindered by knowledge. 'I can see right here that it does not work!'

'Exactly,' said Alonso, 'and now I am buying San a barecha because my head is full, so early in the morning.

'Gracias tio,' I said and I regained my composure.

San Daniel 2016

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