Recipe for Dutch pancakes and our queen Beatrix

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Recipe for traditional Dutch pancakes and our queen Beatrix

Dutch pancakes are a Dutch tradition

Dutch pancakes “pannenkoeken”  are a real Dutch tradition. Pancakes are a must on parties with children. Dutch children love them.

The Dutch pancakes are a little slighter than the American or English pancakes. They have the size of a plate, you can make them smaller or even larger. The size depends also of the size of frying pan you use.

In the Netherlands you eat the pancakes with syrup “stroop” which is a brown special sweet sticky syrup and icing “poedersuiker”  which is a very fine white sugar like powder.


Dutch pancake restaurants are populair

In Holland you have several famous restaurants for only pancakes. They serve many different pancakes with different kinds of food on top of it. You can choose pancakes with meat like ham and bacon” or pancakes with fruits like bananas and pineapple. Or pancakes with mixed ingredients and with grocery.

For a party with children they can let your group decorate their pancake with all kinds of sweets or fruits and toppings. Giving the finishing touch with whipped cream en smarties. For dessert there will be ice-cream or fruits.



Queen Beatrix returnes to live in Lage Vuursche, a village with Dutch Pancake Restaurants

Our queen Beatrix will when she resigns, because of the inauguration of her son as king the coming months in 2013, shall install herself back into the village where she has lived already many years happily in the beginning of her marriage. She lived there with her husband Prince Claus, the father of our coming King Willem Alexander. Prince Claus sadly passed away already so she will live there on her own.

This village named Lage Vuursche is known because of these restaurants of pancakes. The environment is green and calm and people in the neighbourhood like to visit the place for sightseeing or for enjoying the nature by bike or just for taking a walk as a family and eating a pancake on a Sunday afternoon.  Of course everybody walks besides the gates of the palace of our Queen which is called Drakestein. But you rarely will see her of course.

The owners of the little shops and restaurants however do remember the queen, her husband and their children very well. Because in the beginning of their marriage when the boys were young they went of course into the village several times. The Queen had a very good time with her family these years and chose to stay in this environment for probably the last part of her life. The restaurants with pancakes were there many years ago and they are still there these days. So this is a real Dutch tradition.


Poffertjes or creperies are a kind of pancakes

Besides pancakes Dutch children like also Creperies  “poffertjes”, which look like mini-pancakes but taste slightly different. For creperies there exist also a Dutch tradition with restaurants.


Recipe for Dutch Pancakes

Take a bowl, a mixer and a frying pan, some spoons and a spatula.

Ingredients are: Milk,  flour, an egg , salt and oil.


Making the mash for Dutch pancakes (for 8 to 10 pancakes)

First make the mash. Take 250 gram of self raising flour and put it in the bowl with a little bit of salt (5 gram) and add almost half a litre of milk to the bowl.  Mix it to make it a very nice smooth fluid. Then add an egg and mix the mash again with the mixer. The mash should be without lumps. Finally add a spoon of vegetable oil like the oil of sunflowers or olive oil.  It has the nicest structure when the mash streams like a cord from your spoon. Leave the mash a while in the bowl and start baking.


Baking Dutch pancakes

To start baking pancakes you need the frying pan and a spatula. Put a little peace of butter in the pan or a little drop of vegetable oil. You can choose what you like, but the real Dutch tradition uses butter and this adds to the special taste of pancakes. By the way most people eat pancakes like creperies with icing sugar and a small piece of dairy butter on top of it. When you eat the pancakes hot, just after they are baked, the butter will melt on your plate and you can mix it with the icing sugar over your pancake. Very tasty and nice on your tongue. Cold pancakes from the fridge however do taste also fine.

You put the mash in the frying pan, the quantity of a half large serving spoon and you move the frying pan so that the mash can cover the whole surface in the frying pan. Use directly the spatula to detach the sides  of the pancake from the frying pan. After a minute or two when the pancake dries a little you turn the pancake and the second site needs half the time to cook.  Both sides should colour a little light brown. For variation you can add pieces of apple, raisins, cheese or bacon. Put the finished pancake on a plate and pile the plate with pancakes until the last mash is gone. Keep them warm and eat them directly after baking.

Take 100 % attention while baking Dutch pancakes.

Be careful that you do not put the button of the fire under the frying pan to high. Half the full strength of the fire serves fine. Making pancakes takes a little time but a lot of satisfaction when everybody loves it. Do not leave the kitchen when you bake pancakes because there is always the risk of burning to long and the black pancake gives a nasty smell and smoke in the house. Bake the Dutch pancakes with 100% attention, then you will succeed and have a nice meal together with your family or your kids.

Have a nice meal!


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