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'Welcome good friends,' Marius said, 'we all thought that you had forgotten about us.' 'We were stopped by a bunch of idiots with spears,' replied Gillianos 'and Kratos found it necessary to call our town by the Greek name.' 'That will never change,' I smiled, 'we know what the city is called. 'It does not matter,' thought Marius, 'you are here and that's what counts.' Samuel the Levite nodded at us and pointed to the two empty pillows. 'You know,' I said, 'I think it's actually very important, it is not the name but the global picture that is behind it. If you change the name, then you change the global picture.'

'Are you starting already, before even sitting down," Samuel asked. 'Don't make your life so complicated.' 'Samuel,' I said a little resentful, 'your country was known in your holy books as the land of milk and honey, Canaan, that is right, isn't it?' 'Yes,' Samuel said elongated and looked at me quizzically. 'Would the original inhabitants have also known it by that name, before they were slaughtered by Joshua who raged through their country with the great crowd of descendants of Abraham and proclaimed it the promised land, the land that was promised to them.'

'This is new to me good Kratos,' chuckled Gillianos, 'who then had promised the land.' 'JWH, our God promised us that,' Samuel said unnecessarily sharp.' 'Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas.' Nothing makes sense, all is vanity,'Marius said, 'first let's have some tea and he clapped his hands.' In addition, nothing is fixed, we can change anything into any shape, if we agree on it.' 'I think,' I said thoughtfully, 'that the inhabitants of Canaan were not in agreement, they could not have been.'  A moment of silence followed while the servant poured out the tea.

'You changed the worldview of those people and gave their country a different name, the promised land, or the land of milk and honey, they can not have accepted that without putting up a fight. Imagine now an even more numerous people than your people coming past now, driving you out, leaving a trail of destruction and  would rename your country, for example: the land of ashes and dead, then that would clash with your memory of that previous land of milk and honey wouldn't it.' 'Where is this going,' said the Levite who now looked flushed? I think this is getting to be a nonsensical conversation that separates us from reality. It was promised to us and we took what was promised to us, we took it away from pagans who worshiped idols.' 'Do you find,' I said, 'the fact of a new world order  tainting my world image, upsetting and do you question, like I do, the legitimacy of a new group taking over a country.'


'Friends, gentlemen,' said Marius, 'can we speak in a normal tone voice.' 'I'm almost done,' I said,' that's what happened to me with the guards tonight.' 'It was an unspoken threat, now they change the name, but they will affect a worldview, a worldview which we will no longer share, like Joshua and Canaan.' It fell silent and everyone was holding the hot tea between their hands. 'Speech is naming things,' Marius broke the silence, and a name clarifies what was spoken about, if one chooses to call our city Islambol it is because there has been a slow imperceptible shift of Greek thinkers, to a Muslim stronghold .

You do not have to perceive it as a threat, it's a change, if you do not want to go along with the change, worldviews collide. It's not so much that they collide with you but more that you do not want to adjust, and the name which was meant to be self explanatory will continue to hold a separation between those old values ​​and those who think they have the right to reject it. It is a choice you make.'

'Should we then but follow which ever way the wind blows ,' muttered Samuel. 'You did not hear me say that', Marius continued, and he nodded to the servant who held out a bowl of meat patties. 'They are moments of choice, you do not have to display your rejection of new names or values, as long as it does not threaten you. If it appears to be threatening to you, well then make new choices, or try to fight it and probably you'll go miserably to your end, or '... and he paused in, 'you could go and  live somewhere else.'

'Now they have started calling our city Islambol, would that name remain the same in perpetuity? What will be the case in a thousand years, one might not even know we existed today, and perhaps this town will not exist anymore or will have a different name.' I heard today that we are not allowed to walk through the Theodosius gate. That gate is 200 years old and is now called Golden Gate. Who knows, maybe it won't even exist in another 200 years and you have upset yourself about nothing. People are like ants, they come together and divide the spoils. You just make sure that you and your possesions will not become part of the spoils.'


'Yes, I follow what you're saying,' Samuel said between bites, 'vanitas, everything is relative and it is vanity of man to think that he can have control over his fate, but I miss the divine aspect in your argument. What if JWH promised you something? Then you have to help fulfill that promise?' That is a crossroads, a choice in your thinking,' said Marius, 'if you find it acceptable that a God promises you something or commands you do something, then it is up to you which path to follow, you have to make that choice. We are beings endowed with reason.'

'I wanted to ask you somethiung,' I said to Marius, 'you who know so many texts and have mastered Latin more than any of us. I have been plagued all day by some text, and I can not place it. Nor do I think I have ever heard it before, can you help me?' 'I'm listening,' said Marius and Gillianos leaned forward not to miss a word. 'Liber de duobis ... and then something more,' I said. Marius gave me a startled look. 'Could it be,' he said, 'that a unique idea takes root in two souls at the same time?' I looked at him quizzically. 'It is a line of poetry from my student days, it is about consience and reason. it has to do with choices, and opposites in life. For example, handsome and ugly, but the connotation is of course also beautiful and ugly, it depends on the life experiences of the reader.

'I do not follow this,' said Gillianos 'and I'd like to understand.' 'Look,' said our friend, the philosopher, who was worldly enough to have a bit of a wine trade on the side. 'When I tell you about opposites in the context of choices it is not as easy or simply saying love and hatred, because love also interfaces with pain and suffering. That's why I indicated the experiential world of the reader of the poem.

'What poem is that', asked our Levite, who loved neutral conversations. 'It is a poem that I know from long ago and I woke up to it this morning. It's about right and wrong, or depending on your world image, good and evil, or something heavenly and demonic, if you follow me. Carmen de duobus, poem of two principles ...  two principes..cogitatio ex duobus. I felt that I should not have asked, I felt a warning deep inside me but I had to know. 'Why did you just say something about a unique idea in ​​two souls at the same time? I looked at him quizzically.

'It comes from a collection of  of poems and I woke up to it after a nightmare' 'Oh,' said Samuel,' dreams are but the mirror of the soul, 'our Levite spoke loudly to himself, what did you dream about?' 'A man came out of my cave walking with a bundle in his hands. A gloomy man, dressed in black, he walked over to my house and I wished for him not not to get any closer because there was death all around him and he kept the bundle in front of him. Liber de duobis principiis I could see written over the bundle and the line .. .cogitatio ex duobus forced itself on me. 'Yes,' I said to no one in particular, it is about choices and two choices in time 'and I did not know why, but I knew what the name of that man was. 'That man was called parfait,' I said but I was not heard by anyone, but because the landlord had come over to our table and all eyes settled on him. He looked flushed.


'Gentlemen,' he said apologetically, 'I must ask you to leave my premises, other guests resent your Greek language and do not ever come back, will you, you owe me nothing, will you go please, before you get me into trouble?' We were stunned. 'The dream was a warning,' the Levite muttered as he rose slowly with dignity, 'the evil has been unleashed, the bad that is evil and demonic by nature.' 'Hic est, in mediis Semitis die,' muttered Marius, I looked at him. 'This is a crossroads,' said he who had been my friend for centuries.

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