The one called for chapter,34, the flagellants

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' A complicated tale where can I best start,' Boismont sighed 'All roads lead to Rome, I will say, ' let me just tell you what I know from letters from Avignon and if there are any questions that I can answer, then I'll gladily hear them.' Jean put the drinking cups ready and Eve placed the mead wine on the table. The honey wine looked  golden in color. Boismont poured the cups full and took a small sip, 'healthier does not exist,' he thought, 'the wine produced without a single grape involved'

'There are three problems, which I now see connected to the blue death, which is spreading,' he began. 'You have the fagellants and the British, who use the infected bodies as a weapon and you have the revenge on those who were spared.'

'First the British problem. They make outstanding use of mercenary armies. The nobles who lead the armies are only interested in power and more lands or areas that victory bestows on them. If a battle is won they incorporate the area with its belongings, and if they for instance conquer an entire county, they also take over the title, with all the ensuing rights. The new count is now an English noble, with responsibilities and loyalty to the English king. This weakens the instantaneous position of our French King in France. After the victory and consolidation of power, the mercenary army is dissolved. They roam about and act as highwaymen robbing and killing until they find employment elsewhere again.'



'The British nobility benefits from quick wins, they pay the mercenary army that serves them as long as there are battles. They allow them to rob and plunder to their delight and many a monastery has been destroyed, the nuns raped and their treasure box plundered. There is no mercy. After the battle, the region finds itself a time in state of chaos until order is restored.'

'In one of the monasteries that was being looted, a group of flagellants had spent the night. 'Master,' said Jean, 'I have no idea what flagellants are.' 'Neither did I, until recently,' replied Boismont. 'Let me explain it as follows. 'The church makes people always feel responsible or quilty for what happens in the world. So something is a punishment from God because people have been too profligate or sinful. Then they need to do penance or find reconciliation at the church and with God. A group of clerics have come into being with whips scourging themselves. They call themselves flagellants from the Latin: flagellare which means to scourge.

'They walk the country lamenting and self-tormenting and calling out to the people to repent.' 'We,' said Boismont, 'live quite far away from the big cities, so what happens there, will find it's way here much later.' 'I hear this only through fellow doctors.' Jean nodded and took a sip of mead. 'Many monks and priests have joined in, they wear white clothes as a sign of purity and walk 33 and a half a day. Each day, for a year in the life of Jesus.' 'Then you move yourself rather fast through the country,' said Eve. They then camp outside the cities and do their floggings twice a day.'


'It has called a lot of attention and  many have joined these flagellants.' 'How did this come about, it must have started somewhere,' Jean asked? 'A letter,' Boismont said. 'They claim to have received a letter from an angel and in that letter they were ordered to subject themselves to self-flagellation. They read before each session a part of that letter and then begin with the rhythmic scourging.'

'Now it has come to attention that the blue death reaches the city only after the flagellants have been there.' 'What do you make of that Jean,' said Boismont while he poured out some more wine. 'That just as the animal affected with hoof and mouth disease that should not be transported, these people carry the disease with them.' 'Maybe because they come in so many places, in more places than others and thus more likely to get infected anyway.' That is a good conclusion,' said Boismont with a smile, that would be possible. 'Has the penance helped any,' Eve asked. 'Not that I know of,' replied her father.

'You have no idea what a disaster is taking place in and around the major cities.' 'Whole neighborhoods are being affected by the blue death. The survivors go very dissolute about their life because they think that every day could be their last. Others form gangs and pass  robbing through hamlets and spread the disease unwittingly.'


'The mercenaries of the English side stole the bodies from a monastery which they had looted and shot them over a city wall. They were the bodies of sick flagellants that had been looked after. The people who did not get sick, surrendered or fled away, if they could escape, again spreading the disease even more so. The mercenaries who had been in contact with dead bodies, died themselves and were at the next places used as ammunition. It never touched the English nobles because they just paid their mercenaries from far away. Mercenaries whose  infectious money which they had held in their hands was now being spend and changing hands all the time.'

'My goodness, has everyone gone mad,' Eva asked. 'Dad, is this the end of time?' 'It has always been the end of times,' Boismont said seriously. 'But this is nothing yet compared to what happened to the Jewish neighborhoods.' 'Can it get any worse,' asked Jean. 'It can always get worse,' was his master's answer.


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