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Eva sat next to her father and Jean sat across from her at the long table. The candles flickered in a spooky way. Boismont wiped his mouth and looked around. 'We will leave this house soon,' he said. For a number of good reasons.' He let the words sink in. Then he looked to Jean, 'you've been a good student, you are inquisitive and will be a good doctor, if the Lord permits.  I would have send you to Avignon, were it not that it remains to be seen whether the south will not go down in a power struggle between the British, our king and the local nobility. Quite apart from other things that I find of greater importance.'

'Will we come back,' Eve asked?  'No, I'm afraid not,' Boismont replied. 'We will never come back.' 'Too bad, but sometimes you just take your life as it comes.' 'Master,' Jean said 'you just spoke of political reasons, but said there were still weightier reasons, do you want  to share those thoughts  with us?'

'Yes,' Boismont said as he smiled at his pupil. 'you are a good observer, that is what I like about our collaboration.' 'Look Jean, you must still be formed, which is no doubt necessary otherwise you'll become a quack. I said before that Avignon would have been a good choice, but that for reasons now, would not be wisely chosen. There is only one other option, a place  which brings together the best astronomers, physicians and mathematicians, and that is our cultural capital of Europe, Cordoba , epitome of tolerance in Europe, where Arabic, Jewish and Christian scholars only serve one purpose, science.'



'Where they consult each other's libraries and writings and grow in knowledge on a daily basis.'

'Father,' Eve said ' are you sending Jean there?' 'Yes,' Boismont said, 'it's a safe place where one can freely develop one's ratio .' 'I myself studied there as a travelling student, but it's been too long ago. Cordoba city of knowledge in the beautiful heart of Andalucia. Jean I have already recommended you to a friend of mine who teaches there. He is a Jewish biblical scholar and philosopher.' 'But father, Jean is ging to be a doctor,right?'

'Eventually,' laughed her father, 'but medicine is not just pushing pills and lookiing for herbs, or adopting syndromes.' 'In Cordoba philosophy plays a big role in it all, ethics and values ​​and standards. May you have preferences as a physician, may you end a life, like a vulgar poisoner?' 'When you do this, can you reconcile this with your conscience?'  'Vital questions associated with education. '


'Look, my friend from the past is a Levite, a rather strict branch within the Jewish faith, it can not hurt to take note of it and who can transmit something better than Samuel.' 'Even Arab scholars see him and have questions of life explained to them, it will be an interesting time for Jean, apart from parsing and diagnostics, the determination of the disease. Somethings take time. Study is growth and growth leads to insights, always.'

'So tomorrow you'll leave by horse to Perpignan, you leave at first light. That's two days away from Limoux and the road is passable.' 'Am I also going to Cordoba, 'Eve asked surprised? 'You'll take there a ship, take note not any ship sailing to and from Asia, ' I'll explain why later, but just a sailing ship, a cargo ship and look for one that sails to Malaga, which is by favorable winds four days sailing' 'The horses you sell in the harbor, before going on board.' 'In Malaga, the nearest port city in Andalucia, take your transport to Cordoba, which is two more days of riding and you hand over a letter to Samuel the Levite which I will write this night and I will meet you later on. You can be there wind and weather permitting within a week.'


'Do we have a choice in this,' Eva asked? 'No,' Boismont replied simply, 'it's to save our lives.' 'I'm going through Peyrepertuse over the Pyrenees and I'll meet you later, I'll be on the road longer. I will take the opportunity to go through Murcia to Saliente and hence deeper cutting into Andalucia until I reach Cordoba.' 'Sometimes life offers combinations of options in which you have very little to say. This is such a moment. Saliente, I have not been there far too long. ' 'Is that a medical training centre as well,' asked his daughter? 'Not exactly,' her father smiled, 'an old friend of mine has become herbs monk and abbot there and I'd like to take the opportunity to visit him and to ask for advice about a problem that burdens me really.' It is the abbey, which stands closest to heaven, where the sky touches the earth, '' The clouds sometimes touch the convent square and you just feel it is a place of worship and grace.'


'Gee," said Eva, "I did not know you were so religious.' 'No darling, ' said her father, 'this is more feeling than religion,' 'it also has little to do with the church. I think the feeling was already there before they built the monastery. ' 'Maybe that is why that place was therefore chosen.' But we digress.' 'Does this all have to do with the Duc,' asked Jean, amazed, while he tried to orden all he had heard ' 'No, that's just a pinprick in it all,  I'll be frank,' Boismont said.


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