The one called for chapter,23, the evil eye

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'We are but a reflection of our imagination,'Gillian continued, 'our friendship is just one event in a reality. An appointment that we choose and follow and accepted by others whose life is also dictated by agreements, self-imposed or out of tolerance.' Marius looked around before taking the word 'we live in relative freedom,' he began, because we are not threatening to anyone. We can teach and he pointed at me, 'or trade' and he pointed at Samuel the Levite, or we may be heirs of large estates 'and he nodded toward Gillianos,' but that does not mean that the society around us is tolerant. The tolerance exists as long as our numbers remain low and we just pay our taxes and do not want to change our environment.'
'If our influence becomes too great then the evil eye will turn against us.' 'The evil eye, evil eye,' muttered Samuel to himself, 'superstition, witchcraft and idolatry, more it is not.' 'Yes ​​and no,'  I thought, 'you can feel that something evil is taking form throughout the country, something that is threatening, and this has nothing to do with remaining within the limits of tolerance. it is very much a harbinger of something that will squeeze and destroy us to grit. Call it what you want, an evil eye, or superstition, for all I care, but in bad times, because we are different, it will find us and take away our property under various pretexts and no neighbor will lift a finger. '

'How would you describe the evil eye,' Gillianos asked me? 'It changes shape,' I replied, 'but in essence is the same. It is evil in its purest form. The envy of the other residents of this region or political interest to get rid of dissenters. If it has a religious character, then people should worship the one and only true God and be tormented if not.' It fell silent and I went on again. 'Here one is aware of the evil eye and, therefore,' and I pointed at the fishing boats, 'they all have an eye painted on their bows to ward off the evil eye. Watch and observe what I am saying and look anyway, there is no skipper out there who has not painted an amulet on his boat.

Marius cleared his throat and said, 'I have experienced the evil eye when I first came here.' We all looked at him as the waiter cleared the table and Samuel pointed at the water pipe, the boy nodded politely and walked out of our field of vision. 'In my village lived a woman who had the evil eye, people avoided her and feared her. It was known, I now know, that her mother had it too. I bought my vegetables at her shop and a neighbor said at one time to me that I'd need to do so forever now, if you are going to buy from another stall the evil eye will find you.' I laughed it off and I put in a nice garden with plants that flowered full of color carrying their scent through the air. I bought two peacocks walking around freely all day and who did nothing else than pecking up insects. In the morning I was awakened by their shrill cry but that was quickly forgotten when you saw them parading and strutting around a little later in their splendor.


One day when I was buying some vegetables and spices at the market, I felt uncomfortable, as if something was stabbing me in my back and I looked around me. There at a booth stood a few meters away from me the woman who looked at me with a blank stare, the woman of the evil eye.' The water pipe was put on the table and the young man put four mouthpieces ready and disappeared as quietly as he had come. Marius took a look around, but he did not need to doubt, he had our full attention.

When I got home, all plants hung limp in the garden and within a day they withered away. That was no accident, the plants may have been affected by a disease or a plaque but not all plants simultaneously, as if the ground had become barren all of the sudden. With growing anxiety, I glanced around me as if I knew there was more. There was, at the base of a palm tree were two peacocks, and I knew if I did not have to look, they were dead.'
The pipe rattled and gurgled for a moment when Marius took a long pull. He looked thoughtfully around the circle, it remained silent. Samuel broke the silence, 'and you think that woman had done so from a distance?' 'Not exactly,' my friend answered 'and may not by its sought-after guilt but because she, what shall I say, was a doorway to evil. I think she could not really help it, but she tapped of the collective that exists outside of us and that everyone connects to and perhaps without realizing it, she projected it. What gave me the most joy was immediately destroyed. If I had had children than those would have fallen ill, I'm convinced of that.'

'That's quite a mouthful, my philosophical friend,' said Gillianos, 'how did you get on or is the curse still continuing?' 'A neighbor brought me into contact with a seer who could ward off the evil eye, it was claimed. He came to my garden and was first muttering on his knees and then stretched out to roll and pray. Deliver us from evil since that time always has had a deeper meaning for me.' Nobody laughed, Marius had sounded very serious. 'He prayed and exorcised it away, so to speak,' he continued.

"I think that  your seer tapped off as well,' I said, 'but he was otherwise inclined and could appeal to what is good.' 'That could well be,' muttered Gillianos, 'it does not seem impossible, good Kratos, it seems to me conceivable that every form is present in the collective, good and bad, for so far as you can call them such. 'That great consciousness has always been there, you know,' and he pointed at Samuel, 'call it God or the devil' I think there is a storage since the ages of ages, a compilation of everything. Some are more sensitive to one and some are more focused on the counter-part, depending on how your soul was kneaded in your life. "


He inhaled deeply and looked at us, 'this is quite a bit,' he continued, 'what Marius has shared with us.' 'Has it changed you,' I asked Marius? 'At night it has,' Marius began, 'but you would call that dreams, I'm more open to my surroundings.' 'Dreams are the mirror of the soul,' Samuel said loudly to himself. 'What happens at night Marius, does God call you, as my God in our holy book called my namesake Samuel?' I am being called,' said Marius, 'and something pulls at my soul.' I felt a story coming that we might not want to hear. 'What do you mean to say by that,' asked Gillianos in a friendly tone and the hookah sputtered back to rest.

'You sometimes appear in it,' he said simply, 'I see my friends and I smile through a veil to meet them. But it is far away in a dream time, I can not explain it well, and the last time it happened, it was a vision, just during the day.' He looked around  the circle and then at the boats past me and said, 'for example, I see you, Kratos,' and he pointed at me, 'now in the distance, but you are not alone and there are butterflies that hover around you.' 'Enough of this,' said Gillianos in an unexpectedly sharp tone of voice. 'You do not know what you are calling forward.'

'There were two butterflies,' I whispered almost inaudibly to myself ..
"Of course," said Evalien, 'they came from the rosemary bunch,' and she laughed her sweet smile at me. 'Now they are free again, as it should be. Like the angel's soul 'and she nodded at the body that was present, soulless between the bonnefemmes and hommes.

'It is once again time we got something to eat,' said Gillianos, far away in another dream, "the inner man requires strengthening' and that broke the seriousness of the moment and he clapped his hands. 'There were two butterflies,' I said again. 'I know,'Marius said, and offered me the waterpipe and he looked past me, into the distance towards the bobbing boats with the evil eye.


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