The one called for chapter,22, Islambol en Theokoles

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'Good Kratos,' spoke Samuel the Levite with a smile, 'be welcome' and he pointed to a cushion next to the table. 'It is going to be a hot one today.' Gillianos, nodded kindly to me and put a date in his mouth from a bowl next to his hand. 'Thank you my dear friend,' I replied, 'for the kind words, fishermen are already at work and it will indeed be hot today. In the early morning I saw Apollo already with his solar car reflected in the dew drops on the leaves in my garden.' 'Gems,' smiled Marius, 'dew in the morning, heat in the afternoon.'

I took a deep breath and organized my thoughts, the reference to Apollo had put me back in the classroom, long, inhumanly long ago. We had been made to caligraph the verses, day after day.

I looked around me and took the  pose of proclamation, 'Apollo,' I began.

                         Beautiful sun risen for me

                         show me thy morning dawn

                         let no living power withold you

                        waxing on your wings so strong

                    show me one more time your force

                        Apollo setting skies alight

                       burning land and arid regions

                      on his chariot of fire

                    ..shrivels and dries up up every hour.


                   Villages bow down respectfully kneeling

                   begging, raised up on their heels

                    an equal part in sweet rain

                    a nourishing crops blessing.


'Well spoken, 'said Gillianos and I knew he meant it. I nodded modestly while Samuel said,  'vanity, these are only but vanities.' 'Excuse me,' I asked, 'what do you mean to say by that?' Samuel pointed to the pillow, 'do sit down first 'and continued when I sat down with, 'the gems, which evaporate, are of a temporary beauty, it's only dew that forms involuntarily, like riches that will evaporate and will go lost.' 'That goes deep indeed,' thought Marius, as he sat down beside me. 'Yes,' I said, 'and ....?' 'Your first stanza that you recited,' beautiful sun risen for me ... 'Me, puts you in a central place to the sun, and we know that God is the central point of focus.' 'and you happen to know that," grinned Gillianos, 'maybe we are all God, as we sit here.' 'Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas.' Nothing makes sense, all is vanity, 'Marius said,' let's first have some tea and he clapped his hands. 'In addition, nothing is fixed, we can change everything into any shape we want, as long as we agree to it.' What deserves the death penalty in any one case, is highly praised in another case.



'Explain that, if you please' Samuel invited my friend. 'Killing people,' Marius carried on, 'is considered a bad thing in a civilized society, if I kill someone, I will expect to be be punished.' He let the moment sink in. 'If I join the army and we are sent to a battlefield by the Senate than that rule changes. Now the killing of people is widely acclaimed and thought well of. He who kills a lot, is rewarded and rises in rank and acquires fame and will kill even more to rise even more and nobody will reproach him. On the contrary, one will say for example with respect, 'there goes Theokoles, who killed with only 300 men, 2000 men in an ambush.' He held a speech pause, Marius knew how to speak well in public.

'What do you make of that,' he asked me. 'I think,' I said, 'it is only vanity, if someone deems to say that what we say is 'a vanity of vanities.' I also paused when I saw that Samuel slightly colored. 'So Kratos, de you think so,' our Levitical friend wanted to know? 'I and many others who take the trouble to listen,' I replied, 'do you think Samuel, that you tower over us and therefore can keep a mirror to us, are you the one who determines values? 'Do you feel you are entitled to find that what we say is 'vanity'?  'Friend Marius has already clearly demonstrated that actions are bound by agreements. We condemn the killing of people and if suddenly a tribe we do not like, threaten us, we will change the rule, are they not people anymore?'

'That's why we talk about the enemy, as swine. There is no leader who will say we will go murder fathers, who have children that will weep for them when they no longer come home. No! He will say, 'we're going to finish the swines, the pigs.' 'So the reality is always adapted to our needs.' Samuel took a sip of tea. 'That's vanity, Kratos, good friend,' he spoke slowly and emphatically, 'Reality does not exist, which you have proved yourself. We act together in a reality.' 'That remains to be seen,' said Gillianos and kept the dish with dates from. Our actions are always determined by the composition of a group, at any given time,' and he put a date in his mouth.


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For a lovin` God you don`t have to kill.
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so true Josh..
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