The one called for, chapter 5, shreds and the collective

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'Are you sure," said Eve, 'it's odd that you should say that.' 'Yes,' I said simply, 'I think there are other lives. People talk about deja vu, which literally means, already seen, see it more as, already experienced. Lives in which we have already participated. Or think of music, someone creates or invents a new thing, a new style and suddenly almost simultaneously, the melody or that style surfaces elsewhere. 'My daughter looked at me for a moment', 'that is remarkable,' she agreed, 'that has often struck me.' 'The same goes for ideas, scientists are working on a problem, and once the breakthrough is there, it seems to duplicate in many places.' 'So,' my daughter said reflectively, 'what are you saying?' That all people are linked to a higher good, sometimes without realizing it. 'God,' asked my daughter?

'Maybe or maybe not', I answered, 'or maybe all of us together form God,' I smiled. ' You see whatever you think of Jesus, he was very special', 'and what the church says about him is naturally heavily dogmatic, accompanied by rites and actions that would amaze Jesus himself. So I want to talk about Jesus or Buddha or Sidharta or give it a name and not what a church has with all good intentions made of it.'

'Hey,' said Eve, 'that is what I like so much here, 'here we can discuss anyything and discussions always go whichever way.' 'Jesus talked about a collective,' I went on, measuring out my words, 'not as clearly as I say it now, but what else could he have meant?' 'What did he say,'  asked my daughter? 'He said, I repeated slowly, 'where two or more are present in my name I am in their midst.' 'That's quite something, apparently you can call him forward. He does not exist and yet if you call on him he takes form.' Eef took some olives.'That is in the Bible,' she asked? 'Yeah,' I laughed, 'the benefit of a few years, Dutch reformed education, then you know, after a while, quite a few bible texts.

So you can assume that Jesus is present in a, let's call it a collective, others call it heaven or afterlife, and that you can conjure him up from there. Everyone is consciously or unconsciously in contact with the collective, we carry the connection in us. The hectic life  is such that sometimes it disconnects us.' 'So you've become religious', asked my daughter reflecting on what I had said. 'No, I've always been that', I laughed, 'it is more that I focus more on my inner self here.' 'I don't get that', replied my daughter, 'what do you mean by saying that?' This is what I liked the genuine conversations with my children, about real issues, not the last type of cell phone or the company or that movie that everyone should see, but real conversations.

'I mean to say', I said, 'that modern society empties people out and shuts them out of a collective that must exist.' 'The guru's do not really claim anything else, meditate, relax and come to insights, and you'll find yourself. Here again people pay big bucks to hear a simple truth that they carry in themselves all the time.' 'Yeah that's funny', Eef thought, 'that is pure marketing, something is more valuable when you pay for it'.


'So who are we really in life? We hardly ever consider that. We surround ourselves with circles of people. Neighbors, family, colleagues, friends, acquaintances. What are these people to us? Is that who we are? Am I my body or am I my mind and is my body only a vehicle that allows me to gain new learning experiences? What happens to stored knowledge? What purpose does it serve and I'm responsible for my actions, when I make choices that are not generally accepted?' I took the last sip of Chai tea and breathed as deeply as I could. 'Yes I think so,' replied my daughter, 'but that has to do with a conscience and if you hold yourself accountable for your actions.'

'Good and evil in relation to a conscience', I thought while saying it,' are projections of our memory, coupled with our experience of life. Information that we gain when we travel our life's path. We are a collection of information. This information shapes our personality and models our actions. We are part of a collective memory. We are the sum of the memories of our experiences and the history of our experiences.'



'Chaka' said Eef, that's a mouthful. 'Yes,' I agreed, "and it's not for nothing that a  guru finds an audience. People unconsciously seek the road while they are there, but they can not see it for walking over it.'

'It is very common to hear today about a kidney transplant, a heart transplant and a liver transplant. It should be possible to do a brain transplant and if not now, then in the foreseeable future. Then you can not really say that the replacement heart, liver or replacement is you. It is a replacement part. In the order of dentures or a hearing aid or glasses. You're not those replacements. You are the information stored in your body. In your body? If you had a brain transplant taking your healthy brain from your sick and dying body  and placed in a healthy body. Who are you then. That body? No, one's personality has been moved, you are your personality, something that is not touchable but does exist. Your hard disk is not formatted but placed in another envelope.'

'Now as to the higher plan, imagine that you would not have had a brain transplant, which would be a physical interaction, but that your thoughts, your experiences and what not, everything that belongs to you, was stored in the collective.' 'Reincarnation' , asked Eve? After a brief hesitation, I said, 'and why not?' Jesus was the long-awaited one .. so his mind, his thoughts, whatever, became physically present in a body again, even the Christian doctrine supports that. 'Really', Eve asked with disbelief in her voice. 'They believed in reincarnation?'

'What else, literally the Latin text said 2000 years ago, Christo incarnatus est .. hey .. Older texts, you know .. meaning Christ has come back in the flesh again, say in a body. 'Wow', said my beautiful daughter when it dawned on her. 'And because Buddhism also preaches reincarnation the emphasis in christianity is on other aspects of the Christian doctrine?' 'You're a smart girl', I laughed, 'I suppose it is  because the world religions want to distinguish themselves from each other.

We shared the last dates and I went on, 'a friend of mine once broke a tooth on a stone in a date,' I started. 'You said once but you meant some time ago, right, 'asked my daughter, asking. 'I mean what I say', I replied. 'Once when we were talking about a collective which incidentally was a Greek idea, the collective from which you can borrow or to which you can add, he bit thoughtfully on a date and broke his tooth. My daughter leaned forward, 'I know you', she said', 'what do you mean by that exactly, when he broke his tooth?' "It is part of the shreds that come out of the mist',  I replied, it started when I went down into the cave, and something reached out to me, something unpleasant and occasionally it comes out of the mists.' 'When', repeated my daughter emphatically. 'When I was still living in Islambol', I whispered.



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